Shoot, Edit, Render, Upload 4K Video from a Phone! #CES2018 Vlog Recap!

Yes you can produce all of your video coverage directly from your phone! Using only an LG V30 to shoot, edit, render and upload 4K video, here’s my recap on making a rig for a phone, how the phone handled editing, and what were some of my surprises in living the #MOJO lifestyle. Mobile Journalism just might be the way of the future…

Vlog 4
Vlog 3
Vlog 2
Vlog 1
CES Preview
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How LG screwed up their phones in 2017

No manufacturer is perfect, and even the biggest smartphone companies can make mistakes. We’re going to work through, company by company, discussing what I thought was the biggest misstep from each tech manufacturer.

How LG screwed up their phones in 2017! Did I call it? Did this company make a bigger faux pas? Drop me a comment down below.

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How Android Police and GSMArena (and Others) Get Smartphone Audio Wrong

Tech reviewers have a lot on their plates. A smartphone isn’t a “phone” as much as it is a catch-all mobile computing platform. Tech reviewers need to be multi-disciplined in their commentary. Of course, it’s impossible for an individual to be an expert in all areas, so we all rely on assistance for subjects we might be less well versed. Sometimes we’re guided by other reviewers. Sometimes we get good materials from manufacturers to help guide our coverage. Regardless, no reviewer is an island.

In experiencing numerous gadgets throughout a career, it’s also easy to fall into patterns. We’ve encountered so much data, and observed so many trends over time, that we might not always be rationally dissecting a product, as much as we might be intuitively or emotionally arriving at our conclusions.

Smartphone audio is an excellent example of a topic which is often overlooked. Worse, when it is discussed, it’s frequently considered in a subjective fashion. “I like the sound of phone A, but I don’t like the sound of phone B.” It’s not uncommon for a reviewer’s opinion of the phone overall to influence that opinion on the audio produced. “I like phone A, so I prefer the sound on phone A.” 

Like most aspects of technology, when viewing a product subjectively, we’re more apt to appreciate the familiar, and grade a product based on that familiarity. We strive for objectivity, but hearing or seeing something different than what we’re used to will feel foreign. “I’m used to the sound on phone A, so phone B sounds wrong”.

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The BEST Screen Protector for the LG V30? Really?

Verizon’s LG V30 Curved Glass Screen Protector Review! LG fans are in a tough spot. LG makes some decently popular phones, but they don’t quite get the sales to encourage 3rd party accessory manufacturers to make things like high quality screen protectors. Is Verizon’s solution REALLY the best screen guard around? Is this really the best we can do?

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LG V30 vs Toddler! MIL-STD-810G Tested!

Can the LG V30 survive FULL TODDLER STRENGTH! My daughter pushes MIL-STD-810G to its limits! So this is why we should all probably keep cases on our phones these days. Expensive devices are super fragile…

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Top 5 Phones of 2017: SomeGadgetGuy’s Totally Subjective and Biased List!

The top 5 smartphones of 2017! Well, at least, here’s my subjective list of the phones I PERSONALLY had the most fun reviewing in 2017. That’s probably more important anyway right?

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LG V30 Review: The Media Monster – Pocketnow

LG V30 Review time! From prototype to retail unit, the V30 has been in our hands for a while now. Our experiences have largely been positive, but this launch came with some controversy we’ll need to discuss. Two months with the phone, how has it held up against other flagships? We all know that the V series are multimedia powerhouse devices, but fans of LG’s phablets have voiced concerns about losing the replaceable battery and the durability of LG’s new glass back. We should also probably talk about the display quality, one of the more controversial hardware issues of the year. Buckle up folks! V30 review is GO!

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LG V30 Real Camera Review: The Video Producer’s Dream Phone – Pocketnow

LG V30 Real Camera Review time! If you want the absolute best mobile solution for producing high quality video, look no further. LG has improved on nearly every concern we had with last year’s V20, and added a few new pro features to boot. Will “regular folks” appreciate these features, or will the V series remain a niche offering? Let’s take a closer look!

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