Tudia SlimMelody Bumper Case for the LG G3 – Review & Giveaway!

I don’t always keep my phone in a case, but I like to have a couple case options for customizing. The fine folks at Tudia sent a few bumpers my way for the LG G3, and you can win one!

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Pro Tip: How I would Fix the Camera on the LG G3 (Exposure and Metering Tutorial)

The LG G3 is a monster phone on paper, with bleeding edge specs for a flagship. While we’ve really liked the improvements to the camera, there’s always room for improvement.

How would we fix LG’s camera? Let’s have a quick conversation about Metering and Exposure controls…

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LG Announces “G Vista” Phablet for AT&T

lg g vista mini viewAhead of Samsung’s Note 4 release, LG is keeping the pressure on by announcing another large screened device.

The G Vista looks like it might be aiming for more of a mid-range market. A 5.7″ 720p screen will be paired with a Qualcomm quad-core (specific model not announced) and 1.5GB of RAM. The G3’s excellent Laser Focus returns, but only with an 8MP sensor, and there’s no word on whether it will have optical image stabilization. A 3,200 mAh battery should provide excellent battery life with these modest specs, and we’ll see the whole LG suite of Dual-Window, Mini-Apps, and KnockOn codes. There’s also a new Mini-View, which can shrink the on-screen view for easier one-hand navigation.

The G Vista will be available from Big Blue starting August 22nd for $49.99 on two year contract or for $354.99 if you want to buy it outright. Full PR below.

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Photo Walk Santa Monica Shootout – LG G3 vs Galaxy S5! #TTTLA

***Update: Added a 4K video slideshow for folks who want a little music to listen to while checking out the comparison.***

Here are some real-world comparison shots between Android’s top shooters! It’s a battle between laser focus with optical image stabilization on the G3 and the larger image sensor on the Galaxy.

Who will reign supreme? Leave a comment with who you think won the comparison!

Click on any photo during the slideshow to see a high res version.

Many thanks to the AT&T Mobile Review team for setting up such a fun outing!

First Impressions! The LG G3 on AT&T – Hands on with a QHD screen Android Smartphone!

It’s time!

LG’s newest flagship smartphone boasts some incredible specs on paper. We’ve only just popped it out of the box and peeled the wrappers off? After two days, how does the phone fare so far?

Here’s our first impressions of the LG G3 on AT&T!

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LG G3 Camera Review – HD Video Test and Samples.
LG G3 Camera Review – UHD Video Test and Samples.
LG G3 Speaker Test.

LG G3 Camera Review: HD Video Test and Samples (1080p)

LG’s newest phone sports some amazing specs. We run the AT&T version of the G3 through its paces to see how the camera performance has evolved over the G2, and if that new Laser Focus is as good as LG claims it is. It’s time for our real-world test bench!

LG G3 Camera Review: UHD Video Test and Samples.
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LG G3 First Impressions.

LG Display Unveils new Flexible and Transparent OLED Screens

Flexible (Rollable) OLED_02We’ve seen the beginning of flexible screen tech with phones like the G Flex and TV’s which can bend from flat to curved cinema displays.  Now LG is showing off the next phase of OLED tech.

LG Display showed off two new 18″ screen panels. One panel improves on the bending by being almost completely roll-able. The 1200×800 resolution screen can be twisted into a 3cm thick tube without affecting the panel’s performance.

Transparent OLEDThe other 18″ panel uses their new transparent pixel technology for a see-through screen. Perfect for all kinds of applications, I saw a similar display at CES being used as an interactive vending machine, but many consumer electronics like microwaves or refrigerators could benefit. Eventually we might even see this kind of tech show up in automobiles providing heads up display capabilities. It’s exciting to see where it could lead.

Full LG Display PR below.

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LG G3 and G Watch coming to AT&T July 8th

LG G 3The newest hot flagship phone in AndroidLand is heading to AT&T, and it’ll be available to order tomorrow!

The G3 shows off why LG is the fastest growing Android manufacturer, and recent phones like the G2 and G Flex have started giving players like Moto, HTC, and Samsung a run for their money. A 5.5″ QHD screen (2560×1440) with ultra-thin bezels is powered by a Qualcomm 801 quad core, 16GB of storage (with MicroSD expansion), 3GB of RAM, all fed by a 3000mAh battery. Camera junkies will appreciate the 13MP rear shooter capable of UHD video with true Optical Image Stabilization and a new Laser Focus autofocus.

lg g watchAlso in attendance, it’s clear why carriers are getting into the accessories game. More than a bumper case or pair of headphones, gadgets like speakers and smartwatches are tangible value add for consumers, and better help the carrier’s bottom line. The G Watch is one of the first to offer up Google’s Android Wear OS, and it’ll function like having Google Now cards on your wrist, a handy way to keep you from having to check your phone for every little alert you get.

The G3 will run you $199 on a two year agreement. The G watch will set you back an additional $229. Both will be in stock at brick and mortar AT&T stores starting July 11th. Full PR below for more info!

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