LG Releases Teaser Video for the G3

lg g 3Under the banner of “Simple is the New Smart”, LG teased the Android community today with some footage of the next G flagship.

Rumors are swirling with what will actually be inside the phone. The G2 was fairly ahead of the curve from a specs perspective, so it’ll take some significant hardware to wow the specs-obsessed Android elite.

We’ll all know more come LG’s proper announcement on May 27, but until then we at least┬áhave some confirmation that the G3 looks like it will follow in HTC’s footsteps with an aluminum build. Hit the vid below, and try to keep the drool off your keyboards. Let’s maintain a little dignity ok folks?

Analyst Report: Motorola Gains with Moto G and LG Moves up with G2

LG G2 Camera reviewGood news for two phone companies looking to step up some competition.

Kantar Worldpanel released European sales stats for phones last fiscal quarter (ending February 2014)., and both LG and Motorola saw gains.

Moto was practically absent from previous analyst reports, but following strong sales of their entry level Moto G handset, has climbed to 6% in less than six months. Lending further credence to the idea that the entry level phone market is primed for serious growth over the next couple years.

LG also saw some great gains moving the LG G2. LG was ahead of the curve with processor and battery tech at the end of last year, unseating the HTC One and GS4 as being the powerful “normal sized” phones in the Android ecosystem. That boundary pushing attitude paid off with LG becoming the fastest growing Android brand of last quarter.

The Moto and LG gains also helped secure Android as a whole positive growth over iOS and Windows Phone, maintaining Google’s top spot for phones. You can read the full report below.

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Long Term Review: The LG G Flex on AT&T!

This thing is a beast. An absolute monster.

We’ve played with a few large screened phones here, most recently the Lumia 1520, and while I’m still not a huge fan of the phablet, LG has shown they can refine their phone experience and bring a few new tricks to the table. Let’s take a look at their G Flex on AT&T!

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AT&T offers up LG G2 or Moto X for free on two year agreement, for limited time

ATT-Moto-X-free-dealDid you not get the new phone you wanted last year? AT&T might have just the trick for you.

Running now through the end of the month, you can score the LG G2 or Moto X free on a two year contract. Not a bad buy for either as they normally fall into the “$99 on contract” tier. We’ve had the pleasure of playing with both here at SGG, and while they offer up very different experiences, they’re both terrific smartphone solutions.

Shop the LG G2 Here and the Moto X Here. Not a bad way to start the new year off right?


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#ATTDevSummit: LG Flex coming to AT&T soon-ish…

LG_G_FLEX_04The experiment moves mainstream! The curved screened LG Flex will soon be showing up on AT&T LTE in North America.

Flex features a 6″ 720p AMOLED display which can bend completely flat without damage, and it has the near-magical the ability to heal from minor scrapes and scuffs. Just check this crazy video out.



The rest of the hardware is similar to the LG G2 including processor and camera performance.┬áNo pricing or availability as of yet, but full PR below. Continue reading “#ATTDevSummit: LG Flex coming to AT&T soon-ish…”

LG Intros GPad 8.3 Google Play Edition Tablet

LG-G-Pad-8.3 front and backLooks like rumors surrounding a possible Nexus 8 tablet from LG were only MOSTLY false…

Google Play Edition phones are popular Android handsets running stock Android. We’ve seen Samsung and HTC strip out all of their custom software on the Galaxy S4 and One phones. LG will be offering up the first GPE tablet with the GPad 8.3. The specs make it a solid competitor for the Nexus 7: a 1080p screen powered by a Qualcomm 600 series chipset and 16GB of storage. Now you can choose between a GPad with LG’s custom software enhancements, or go with a clean, pure stock tablet.

GPad 8.3 GPE will start at $349, which on top of a Nexus 7 price, also nets you a MicroSD card slot and an IR blaster.

Full PR after the jump!

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