Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch Available Today on Google Play

android wear smartwatch releasedWe’ll have to wait another month for the gorgeous circular Moto 360 smartwatch, but if you’re jonesing for some Android Wear action Samsung and LG will have you covered starting today!

Featuring an always-on display which provides contextually aware information relevant in that moment or location, Android Wear will be the backbone OS for a number of manufacturers looking at Smartwatches.

A full developer SDK will also be available today allowing future apps and services to feed info to your wrist. As apps are installed on your phone, if they have a Wear component, your watch will automatically update with an applet and interact with that service on your phone.

We’re waiting for the Google Play store to get updated with the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, so make sure you melt down Google’s servers by smashing your F5 button.

LG Announces G3 Flagship Phone with Quad HD Screen

LG_G3_3Today LG took the wraps off of their long awaited follow up to the popular G2 Android phone. The LG G3 continues in the design language of the G2 and G Flex, while taking the brand upscale and including some bleeding edge specs.

LG_G3_Metallic_Black_BackThe G3 retains the power button placement on the back of the phone under the camera, but now the build material of that backplate has a metallic finish which LG claims is fingerprint resistant.

The screen has also increased over the G2’s 5.2″ diagonal to a 5.5″ diagonal, placing the G3 screen firmly in the territory of last year’s phablets. The major talking point however is the bump to screen resolution. Called “Quad HD” the G3 display contains 2560×1440 dots, or four times the resolution of a 720p display. This delivers and insane pixel pitch (538ppi), which should make text and fine photo detail crisp. Continue reading “LG Announces G3 Flagship Phone with Quad HD Screen”

Phablet BATTLE! Nokia Lumia 1520 vs LG G Flex Smartphone Showdown! Fight!

It’s a battle of the biggest screens we can find on our premier phones! Both Nokia and LG deliver a 6″ display, but both take extremely different views on what that experience should be like. Aside from the screen size, let’s take a look at two very different approaches to the phablet.

Lumia 1520 Long Term Review
G Flex Long Term Review
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Will We See the LG G Watch on May 27?

lg g watchWith another video teaser released, LG has lit up the rumors on whether we’ll see the recently announced G Watch make an appearance alongside the LG G3.

Touting long battery life and a waterproof build, the video wraps with a “Powered By Android Wear” banner, a sign of Google’s involvement in branding the software experience for future compatible wearables.

What do you think? Will this be a package deal, or will LG slow play to prevent their next flagship phone from getting upstaged? Wild speculation in the comments is encouraged.

LG Releases Teaser Video for the G3

lg g 3Under the banner of “Simple is the New Smart”, LG teased the Android community today with some footage of the next G flagship.

Rumors are swirling with what will actually be inside the phone. The G2 was fairly ahead of the curve from a specs perspective, so it’ll take some significant hardware to wow the specs-obsessed Android elite.

We’ll all know more come LG’s proper announcement on May 27, but until then we at least┬áhave some confirmation that the G3 looks like it will follow in HTC’s footsteps with an aluminum build. Hit the vid below, and try to keep the drool off your keyboards. Let’s maintain a little dignity ok folks?

Analyst Report: Motorola Gains with Moto G and LG Moves up with G2

LG G2 Camera reviewGood news for two phone companies looking to step up some competition.

Kantar Worldpanel released European sales stats for phones last fiscal quarter (ending February 2014)., and both LG and Motorola saw gains.

Moto was practically absent from previous analyst reports, but following strong sales of their entry level Moto G handset, has climbed to 6% in less than six months. Lending further credence to the idea that the entry level phone market is primed for serious growth over the next couple years.

LG also saw some great gains moving the LG G2. LG was ahead of the curve with processor and battery tech at the end of last year, unseating the HTC One and GS4 as being the powerful “normal sized” phones in the Android ecosystem. That boundary pushing attitude paid off with LG becoming the fastest growing Android brand of last quarter.

The Moto and LG gains also helped secure Android as a whole positive growth over iOS and Windows Phone, maintaining Google’s top spot for phones. You can read the full report below.

Continue reading “Analyst Report: Motorola Gains with Moto G and LG Moves up with G2”

Long Term Review: The LG G Flex on AT&T!

This thing is a beast. An absolute monster.

We’ve played with a few large screened phones here, most recently the Lumia 1520, and while I’m still not a huge fan of the phablet, LG has shown they can refine their phone experience and bring a few new tricks to the table. Let’s take a look at their G Flex on AT&T!

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