AT&T offers up LG G2 or Moto X for free on two year agreement, for limited time

ATT-Moto-X-free-dealDid you not get the new phone you wanted last year? AT&T might have just the trick for you.

Running now through the end of the month, you can score the LG G2 or Moto X free on a two year contract. Not a bad buy for either as they normally fall into the “$99 on contract” tier. We’ve had the pleasure of playing with both here at SGG, and while they offer up very different experiences, they’re both terrific smartphone solutions.

Shop the LG G2 Here and the Moto X Here. Not a bad way to start the new year off right?


Our LG G2 Review
1st Impressions Moto X


#ATTDevSummit: LG Flex coming to AT&T soon-ish…

LG_G_FLEX_04The experiment moves mainstream! The curved screened LG Flex will soon be showing up on AT&T LTE in North America.

Flex features a 6″ 720p AMOLED display which can bend completely flat without damage, and it has the near-magical the ability to heal from minor scrapes and scuffs. Just check this crazy video out.



The rest of the hardware is similar to the LG G2 including processor and camera performance. No pricing or availability as of yet, but full PR below. Continue reading “#ATTDevSummit: LG Flex coming to AT&T soon-ish…”

LG Intros GPad 8.3 Google Play Edition Tablet

LG-G-Pad-8.3 front and backLooks like rumors surrounding a possible Nexus 8 tablet from LG were only MOSTLY false…

Google Play Edition phones are popular Android handsets running stock Android. We’ve seen Samsung and HTC strip out all of their custom software on the Galaxy S4 and One phones. LG will be offering up the first GPE tablet with the GPad 8.3. The specs make it a solid competitor for the Nexus 7: a 1080p screen powered by a Qualcomm 600 series chipset and 16GB of storage. Now you can choose between a GPad with LG’s custom software enhancements, or go with a clean, pure stock tablet.

GPad 8.3 GPE will start at $349, which on top of a Nexus 7 price, also nets you a MicroSD card slot and an IR blaster.

Full PR after the jump!

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Top 5 for the week starting Dec 1st, 2013 – LG G2 news, Batteries, and Cases!

ballistic hydra waterproof case iphone 5s test review somegadgetguyThese were the top read and most shared stories from SomeGadgetGuy last week! LG ruled the week, but we also got in a few accessories. Nice little round up as we wrap up 2013 and the holiday buying season!

Let’s jump in!

5 – Using a Ballistic Hydra Rugged case for iPhone 5 on an iPhone 5S

The nice thing about how Apple updates the iPhone with a tick-tock system, cases for the iPhone 5 largely work with the iPhone 5S. If you’ve been looking for a rugged case for the 5S, this waterproof case might do the trick!

4 – Review: Ravpower Lipstick Charger and Flashlight

003This week, Chris took a look at a handy little portable charger + flashlight combo. RAVPower has become a favorite here at SGG, offering up very good mobile charging solutions at great prices. Looking to extend your phone’s run time out in the field, maybe this gadget will help?

3 – Ask Juan: Why won’t my Moto X show up as a USB drive on my Mac?

An opportunity to play a little tech support? On a tech blog? Who’d have thunk it? Robin has a problem with his Moto X and his Mac playing nice together. Seems this is a pretty common problem seeing how popular this post was last week…

2 – Real World Battery Test: The LG G2 – 47 hours to “Critically Low”

LG G2 Camera reviewI don’t do a lot of battery bench marking. It’s very time consuming, and usage is very relative. What’s heavy to one person is light use for another.  That said, when a phone comes along with exceptional battery life, I at least need to point out how it handled real world activities.

1 – Camera Test: The LG G2 on AT&T – video samples from a 13MP Android with Optical Image Stabilization!

And the number one story from last week was a doozy! LG made some pretty bold claims surrounding the camera on the G2. It’s only the second Android with optical image stabilization, and it has three times the resolution as the HTC One. Did the G2 camera live up to the hype?

We’re nothing without you readers, and we certainly can’t compete against the big blogs by ourselves. We always greatly appreciate not only the likes, but the sharing on social sites like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. The more we get to talk with other tech fans, the better we get, and soon we’ll be able to reward that participation with some fun contests coming up soon!

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Camera Test: The LG G2 on AT&T – video samples from a 13MP Android with Optical Image Stabilization!

LG G2 Camera reviewMonster specs!

The G2 is one of the first Android phones to rock the Qualcomm 800 processor here in the states. It’s also only the second Android handset to sport a camera with proper hardware optical image stabilization and a higher resolution sensor than the HTC One. This should be a recipe for camera phone success.

LG made some pretty bold claims with their ads, so let’s see if the LG G2 lives up to the hype!

SomeGadgetGuy’s 2013 Smartphone Awards! The Best of the Best!

SGG Smartphone awards 2013 smallIt’s that time!

Wrapping up the year, we’re going to take a look back at the year in smartphones. Unlike our Tablet Buying Guide, there are many aspects to shopping a phone. Instead of declaring a one-size-fits-all winner, we’re going to run down a list of individual features. We’ll hand out awards to the best of the best in categories like Camera, Speakers, and Battery Life.

If you’re shopping a phone this Holiday Season, we hope this will help you make a buying decision on those features which are most important to you!

Let’s get to it!

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The most powerful Android phone? Benchmarking the LG G2.

LG G2 benchmarks optimus g pro comparisonIn Android land we care about specs. We care about them a lot. Before even handling a device, many will scrutinize things like processor, storage, and RAM to make purchasing decisions.

Here stateside, the LG G2 was one of the first phones to utilize Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 series processor. This is an architecture improvement over the very solid Snapdragon 600 used in phones like the HTC One and Galaxy S4. How much of an improvement? That’s what we’re going to take a look at in this video.

LG’s Optimus G Pro uses the 600 series chipset, so this obviously isn’t a competition. This is a comparison to see how improved the new processor is, so I don’t want cranky fanbois telling me how this isn’t a “fair test” or other such nonsense. We KNOW the G2 is going to win most of these. We wanna see by how much!

There are links after the jump if you want to skip to specific bench marks, or you can watch the whole battery of tests below. Let’s get to it!

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