Review: Modern New Tab Page extension for Chrome


If you are an avid fan of Chrome then you know how useful extensions can be. Today we are looking at the New Tab Page extension for Chrome.

If you love tiles then this extension is for you. The Modern New Tab Page is chock full of customization options. This extension allows you to create a custom background image which you can change the opacity and color. The live tiles can be configured into three different sizes so you can arrange the tiles any way you want. Modern New Tab Page has a total of 26 different color themes to match your style. Setting up the Modern New Tab page is really easy to do. Continue reading “Review: Modern New Tab Page extension for Chrome”

Hands on with Nokia’s Lumia 2520 Tablet, 1520 & 1320 Phablets

WP_20131024_19_19_31_ProNokia is looking really hot right now. I think we’re hitting a Windows Phone tipping point where Live Tiles are starting to be taken seriously as a third place alternative to iOS and Android. This has been built pretty much solely on Nokia’s back as they’ve been making the most compelling hardware for the ecosystem.

Taking that up a notch, we’ve got some footage to share of the up coming Lumia 2520 tablet, and two large screened phones, the Lumia 1520 and 1320. Enjoy!

PSA: Windows 8.1 available for pre-order, but should you buy Windows 8 now instead?

Screenshot (91)For those of you looking to install some live tiles on your desktop or laptop, Windows 8.1 is available for pre-order now. The standard version of Windows 8.1 will retail for $119, and Windows 8.1 Pro will cost $199.

As I mentioned in a previous editorial, Microsoft is finally offering full retail versions for sale with support, but they are getting rid of upgrade options. If you’re currently running a Windows 7 system, and are looking to upgrade, you’re FAR better off buying a Windows 8 upgrade now, and when Windows 8.1 is released you’ll be eligible for a free upgrade.

How much better off will you be? The Windows 8 Pro upgrade can be had for $83. Yup. Windows 8 Pro is cheaper than the Standard version of Windows 8.1.

Fair warning as right now Windows 8 is even cheaper than older licenses for Windows 7. Windows 8.1 retail versions ship October 18, but why not be ahead of the curve?