Apple iPhone 7 After The Buzz: Still the “one thumb” champ! – Pocketnow

The next iPhone is looming on the horizon, so it was time to take a look back at Apple’s flagship phone for 2016. Featuring a conservative design, barely a refresh from the iPhone 6S, how does this phone stack up against current competition? Here’s our iPhone 7 After the Buzz!

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Huawei Mate 9 After the Buzz: It’s big, but are we still using it?

It’s big, bold, and brassy! Well the USA version was more metallic gray, but it’s time for us to circle back and take a second look at one of the only true BIG screen options of 2016. It was a powerhouse when we originally reviewed it, but how has it weathered the competition from newer phones this year? Can it still compete? Here’s our Huawei Mate 9, After the Buzz!

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Apple iPhone SE Revisited: 11 Months Later – Pocketnow

Can Apple compete in the mid-range market? Almost a year after its launch, we take a look back at this second attempt to offer a low cost iPhone. How has this phone aged? Here’s our iPhone SE, After the Buzz.

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Galaxy S7 – Six Months Later (Pocketnow After the Buzz)

Hard to believe that over six months have passed since the launch of the Galaxy S7. Samsung has been in the news a lot lately for not very good reasons, so for folks affected by the Note 7 recalls, how has the smaller Galaxy aged? Let’s take a second look at the S7, and see if its still a competitive device near the end of 2016.

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Long Term Review: Samsung Gear S on AT&T – The Smartwatch to Beat?

Apple would have you believe smartwatches are brand spanking new, but Samsung has already released three generations of Gear products. The Gear S represents the company’s most ambitious push in migrating data services to your wrist. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look!

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Smartphone Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – The New Android King

Samsung created the phablet market as we understand it today with the original Note. The Note has become their Bleeding Edge platform, superseding even the Galaxy S line in cramming high tech guts into a phone. The Note 4 also brings the new design language we saw first on the Galaxy Alpha. Does the whole package live up to the extremely high expectations the Note line has created? Let’s take a look!

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PC Review: Lenovo C260 – Touchscreen Windows 8.1 Budget AiO

Microsoft’s dominance of the consumer PC market is largely due to system makers making entry level gear. This situation has been rough on Windows 8, as the OS is more fun to use with a touchscreen. This is exactly the market Lenovo is trying to crack open with the C260 budget All-in-One PC. Let’s take a look!

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Long-term Review: Kyocera Brigadier – The Best Android Phone of the Year?

Kyocera went BEAST MODE in building the Brigadier, and they’re only the second company to use Sapphire Crystal for their display. After using the Brigadier for a couple months, let’s chat about the experience of using this rugged little brick…

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