AT&T Finally Delivers “Denim” Update for the Lumia 1520

With all the noise around the FCC yesterday, you might have missed a long awaited update start pushing out to the king Lumia on AT&T.

Verizon surprised us all in being first to deliver the Lumia Denim firmware update to the Icon, but now it’s Big Blue’s turn to update the monster phablet Lumia 1520.

Windows Phone fans will be happy to play with a new camera app capable of shooting HDR photos and 4K video. Also on board is a new voice activation trigger for the Digital Assistant search app. Saying “Hey Cortana” by your phone will initiate a voice search or command even when your phone’s screen is off.

This update will also replace any AT&T pre-installed software on the phone. If you uninstalled AT&T Navigator or FamilyMap in the past, they’ll return. Thankfully, unlike bloat on Android devices, these apps can still be uninstalled without rooting or jumping through hoops.

It took us a while to get here, but Denim brings a collection of bug fixes and new features to play with, while we wait for Microsoft to deliver Windows 10.

To see if your Lumia has received the update, head to “Settings”, then to “Phone Update”. You can see our 4K video review from the Icon below (and the 1520’s camera performs very similarly).

CTIA 2014 First Look – Nokia Lumia 830, Lumia 730, and Green Lumia 1520

After being announced at IFA, Nokia dropped a pair of new mid-ranger Windows Phones. Let’s take a quick look at the Lumia 730 and Lumia 830. Plus I finally got to see the Hulk green Lumia 1520 in the flesh!

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Phablet BATTLE! Nokia Lumia 1520 vs LG G Flex Smartphone Showdown! Fight!

It’s a battle of the biggest screens we can find on our premier phones! Both Nokia and LG deliver a 6″ display, but both take extremely different views on what that experience should be like. Aside from the screen size, let’s take a look at two very different approaches to the phablet.

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Video Walk with the Nokia Lumia 1520: A Windy Day in LA

I talk a lot. I explain a lot. Sometimes you just need to shut up and let the camera do the “talking”.

The Lumia 1520 camera is almost identical to the one found in the Lumia Icon, so I never did my normal real world benchmark. I did get inspired to walk around my neighborhood though to show off what Nokia’s 20MP shooter can do with HD video.

Shop for the Lumia 1520 on Amazon.

Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana, and Legacy Hardware Support – MEGA REVIEW!

Here’s the big daddy review and walk through of Windows Phone 8.1!

Even though it’s only a 0.1 update, Microsoft crammed A LOT OF STUFF into this update, so settle in as we check out all of the new apps and services on tap for our live tiled phones!

We’ll also take a quick look at legacy support for older Windows Phones, as well as discuss what’s still missing from the Windows Phone platform.

Windows Phone 8_1 homescreen lumia 1520

Microsoft Offering Free Nokia Lumia 1020 or 1520 with iPhone 4 or Galaxy S2 Trade in!

lumia 1520 1020 trade in your iphone 4 or galaxy s2 microsoftHere’s the scoop.

Trade in an iPhone 4, 4S, or a Galaxy S2 in good working condition.
Sign up for a new two year agreement on AT&T.
Walk out with either a Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520 for free.

But seriously, if you were shopping a new phone, and were considering a Windows Phone, you can pick between the best smartphone camera on the market, or one of the best phablets available. All you have to do is turn over a phone which was likely destined for a recycling center.

Full details on the Microsoft Offers page!

nokia lumia 1020 pureview camera test video samples somegadgetguy

(via Baran GercekAnalie Cruz)

AT&T teases Lumia 1520 features on video.

nokia lumia 1520 hands on video youtubeWe’re getting really excited for Nokia’s first phablet, and now AT&T is getting in on the act teasing us with this video.

Spend a good 90 seconds with this quick look at the Lumia 1520. Quick run down on the specs, and a good look at the hardware. The screen looks great on camera too.

If you want a more in depth look at the 1520, we went hands on at a Nokia event in New York!

The 1520 should be in stores by the end of the month. Will you be shopping one this holiday season? Leave us a comment below!