Reader Poll: LG G4 vs Lumia 930! UHD Video Showdown!

The LG G4 HANDILY beat the Galaxy S6 in yesterday’s viewer poll. How will LG’s newest shooter compare to the PureView camera on the Lumia 930? Check out the video comparison, then vote below!

Lumia 930 Full Camera Review.
LG G4 Full Camera Review.

Reader Poll: Galaxy S6 vs Lumia 930 – UHD Video Showdown!

Two phones enter! YOU decide which phone leaves!

Watch the video, pitting the Galaxy S6 against the Lumia 930 (Icon) in an Ultra HD showdown, make sure you go fullscreen and bump up the quality, then vote in the poll below!

4K Video Showdown! LG G Flex 2 vs Nokia Lumia 930 (Icon)! You Decide the Best UHD Video!

I could blather on about the pros and cons of each camera, or I could just let each camera speak for itself! I spent a lovely day at the Los Angeles Zoo with the LG G Flex 2 pitting it against my old favorite, the Nokia Lumia 930/Icon.

Which phone shoots the best UHD video? Well that’s up to you!

Shop the LG G Flex 2 on Amazon.
Shop the Nokia Lumia Icon on Amazon.

4K Smartphone Camera Test: Real-World UHD Samples from the Lumia Icon/930 (Lumia Denim)

It’s ABOUT DAMN TIME a Lumia phone in the USA got the Denim update, but now we can FINALLY take a look at the 4K video quality on the Lumia 930 (Icon)! Here’s the MOST comprehensive review available on the internet!

Note 4 UHD Camera Test.
LG G3 UHD Camera Test.
iPhone 6+ HD Camera Test.

Review: OtterBox Defender Rugged Case for Nokia Lumia Icon (930)

Taking flagship smartphones out into rugged conditions can be a dicey proposition. The Lumia Icon is built solidly for day to day bumps and bruises, but it’s not really designed to be thrown around in rough situations. Thankfully OtterBox has a solution to improve that…

Shop the Lumia Icon Defender Case on Amazon.
More info on OtterBox products:

iPhone 6 Defender Case Review
How the *#&^% Do You Remove an OtterBox Case?!?!?

Nokia Unveils Lumia 930 – An International Version of the Lumia Icon

I totally called it! My review of the Icon was LITERALLY labeled “A Glimpse of Things to Come”, and I was absolutely on the right track! The unveiled Lumia 930 will be an international version of the Icon currently available on Verizon Wireless.

nokia lumia icon nano sim tray long term review somegadgetguyThankfully, in true Nokia fashion the Lumia 930 will arrive in a variety of colors instead of stingy VZW and their black or white options. The hardware looks largely unchanged from the Icon, the same metal and polycarb build, the same wireless charging built in.

We’ll likely see the Lumia 930 release closer to the proper release of Windows Phone 8.1. It’ll likely follow the Lumia 630 as the second phone to launch with the WP8.1 OS.

If you’re curious to see how the Lumia 930 is going to perform, we’ve been producing long term reviews of the Icon, including speaker and camera tests, all available below!

Long Term Review!
Continue reading “Nokia Unveils Lumia 930 – An International Version of the Lumia Icon”

Microsoft BUILD 2014 Developer Conference Kicks Off with Windows Phone 8.1, New Phones

micromax and prestigioIt’s ¬†a big day for Microsoft. Kicking off their BUILD Developer Conference, Joe Belfiore took us through an on stage demo of ¬†Windows Phone 8.1 and the new Cortana digital assistant.

New Phones

Microsoft announced new partnerships with MicroMax and Prestigio to develop hardware. These companies should help expand Windows Phone’s presence in European, African, and Asian markets.elop lumia 930 b

lumia 930 bOf course the premier line of Windows Phone handsets is the Nokia Lumia line. Stephen Elop took the stage to show off the Lumia 930, which looks like an international version of the Lumia Icon we’ve been reviewing over the past several weeks, only now we’ll have more colors than stingy Verizon was willing to offer up.

dual simNokia also has two mid range phones on the way, the Lumia 630 with 3G and dual sim variants, and the Lumia 635 with 4G LTE. The dual sim 630 will show off different colored Live Tiles for each of the sim accounts.

The Lumia 630 will be priced at $159 for single sim, $169 for dual sim, and $189 for LTE, and it’ll be the first phone to land with Windows Phone 8.1. It wasn’t announced what the screen resolution of the 630 will be, but it is arriving with the newer 3 rows of Live Tile arrangement found on the 1520 and Icon. Cortana will also be arriving for these entry level handsets.

ALL Nokia Windows Phone 8 Lumias will be upgraded to WP8.1 this summer, which is exciting even down to customers who opted for a sub-$100 Lumia 520, especially when compared to the Android market at that price point.

Windows Phone 8.1 Updates

A ton of new features and polish are coming to the Windows Phone platform. Demonstrated on stage, here’s a short list of some of the highlights!

word flow keyboardWordFlow keyboard is getting gesture “Swype” style typing. You can now slide your thumb around the keyboard to create words. This new keyboard now holds the Guinness Book world record for fastest text entry. Continue reading “Microsoft BUILD 2014 Developer Conference Kicks Off with Windows Phone 8.1, New Phones”