Microsoft giving away Windows Phones over the weekend at Microsoft Stores

ms windows phone contestPosted to their Facebook page today, Microsoft will be giving away eight Windows Phones at each of their stores this May 3rd and 4th.

Details are a bit slim, but if you’re looking to score a free phone, it looks like you’ll be playing a game. We know it’s called the “Opportunity Rings, Answer It” game, but we don’t know how it’ll be played. We also don’t know what phones will be given away, and what carriers will be supported.

Still a free phone is a free phone, and if you live near a Microsoft store it might be worth the trek. A little additional info can be found on their Facebook event page. Good luck!

Asus VivoTab Note 8 – now available on Microsoft’s store for $329

ASUS VivoTab Note 8 M80T Touchscreen Tablet  microsoft storeBuilding a little momentum with their Windows 8.1 offerings, Microsoft now sells Asus’ mini tablet, and the price is pretty reasonable.

$329 gets you an 8″ screen powered by an Intel Atom quad-core and 2GB of RAM running a full version of Windows 8.1, giving consumers yet another reason to ignore Windows RT. 32GB of storage on board, but with the full OS and recovery partition, a good chunk of that wont be available to consumers. You’ll probably want to opt for a memory card as VivoTab accepts MicroSD upgrading. A 5MP rear camera is on board. You’ll also get Microsoft Office Home & Student, which usually retails for $140.

Plus, this budget friendly tab comes with a Wacom stylus for precision selection and pressure sensitive drawing. It makes the VivoTab a handy all-rounder, and an interesting alternative to the Android and iOS solutions available.

Asus VivoTab (Microsoft Store)

Microsoft will give you at least $200 to trade in your iPad for a Surface

microsoft promo store trade in your ipad somegadgetguyIf you’ve been wanting to make the jump from iOS to Windows 8 for your tablet usage, Microsoft is more than happy to help you make the transition by cutting you a check.

Yup, on the Microsoft store, they’re currently running a promotion that will pay out a minimum of $200 for you iPad 2,3, or 4. Sorry first gen iPad owners, but no one really wants anything to do with tech that old…

Now, this might be a good, convenient solution for people who just want to buy a Surface or Surface Pro and don’t want to hassle with offloading their old Apple gear, but if your iPad 2 is in good condition, and if you’ve kept the box, it’s likely you could score around $250 for that tablet on eBay.

Microsoft Surface “Trade in your iPad” Promo.