Lens Review: Samsung 45mm f/1.8 – A Super Fast Prime for NX Cameras (4K)

I loves me a fast prime lens! While I’ve been switching from Canon to Samsung for my video and photography production, I was happy to see a short telephoto with a super wide aperture. For those of you looking for prettier bokeh and crazy low light sensitivity, let’s take a look at Samsung’s NX 45mm f/1.8!

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Video Tutorial: How to Blur the Background of Your Phone Photos Without Apps or Filters

Got a great viewer question on my Instagram feed from follower kill.the.spiders who asks:

“Do you edit your photos or are they the way they are? The focus is amazing and the blur effect is impressive, also is it possible to make similar shots with phones, like the G3 for example?”

Let’s take a quick look at cameras, sensor size, and depth of field! This video should be watched full screen for the best experience, and don’t forget to increase the quality to 4K!

Tech Chat: New Cameras Announced – Samsung NX500 & Canon 5DS R!

Exciting news this past week coming from Samsung and Canon.

Samsung took the wraps off of their new NX 500 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, and it looks like the rumors of an “NX1 Mini” were true!

Also from the Canon camp, the next versions of the 5D will feature an insane 50MP image sensor, and the 5DS R will remove the low pass filter for sharper images.

I spent some time chatting about the announcement with Enobong Etteh from BooredAtWork.com, which you can watch below.

What are your thoughts on these new cameras? Will you be shopping one of these systems?

Samsung Officially Reveals NX500 Mirrorless Camera – NX1 Features at Half the Price!

We’re wrapping up our review of the MONSTER NX1, but in the meantime, we can also whet your appetite with a smaller mirrorless camera coming from Samsung boasting many of the same specs.


The NX500 is officially official, and looks like it will live up to the rumors of Samsung delivering an NX1-Mini.

We see the same 28MP APS-C Backside Illuminated sensor, with full support for Cinema 4K Video (4096×2160), and the flip up touchscreen display. Absolutely monster specs for a camera in this segment. You can already pre-order this beastie on Amazon for $799 with the 16-50mm kit lens.


For those interested, we have Cinema 4K video samples from the NX1 below, and under that you can read the full Samsung press release with full product specs and a few more images of the NX500.

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NX1 Cinema 4K Video Samples: 4096 x 2160 from Samsung’s Pro Mirrorless Camera

We’re just starting to review the NX1, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share some video samples! Samsung’s newest APS-C mirrorless camera is a beast capable of shooting true Cinema 4K resolution. Here’s an afternoon in Los Angeles shot in Ultra High Definition. Be sure to hit full screen, and toggle your quality settings to see every picture from this monster video file. Enjoy!

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More info on the NX1.

SomeGadgetGuy in THREE-DEE!!!

I’ve really been enjoying my time with the Samsung NX30 which I picked up during their #DITCHtheDSLR event in Hollywood. It’s been a killer little mirrorless APS-C camera, and we’ve been using it recently to shoot our video reviews at 60FPS!

Well, you can’t really test an interchangeable lens camera without a couple extra lenses to interchange, so the fine folks at Samsung sent over a few for us to review, including their 45mm F1.8 3D lens!

I’m finding it’s actually terrifically difficult to share 3D files using traditional social networks, so I’ve set up a OneDrive folder where you can download the MPO files and view them directly via whatever method you prefer to use for 3D content. I’ve personally been running the files through an NVIDIA 3D Vision setup, and the shots are coming out much better than I would’ve expected for a consumer 3D solution.

Click on the folder or link below to see some of the 3D samples before we wrap up our review!

SomeGadgetGuy 3D pics and vids!

OLYMPUS New OM-D E-M1 Flagship Camera to arrive in October

Olympus-OM_D-E-M1Hello sexy.

I’ve recently started taking a warming to Oly’s audio gear, and now they’re sprucing up their flagship camera with some new tech under the hood. Having held the previous OM-D, it felt like a near perfect balance of SLR and range-finder with performance matching my favorite APS-C cameras from Nikon and Canon.

The new OM-D E-M1 features an improved 16.3 MP image sensor paired up with Oly’s fastest TruePic VII image processor. These in conjunction with their M.Zuiko lenses should provide for excellent photo and video output. TruePic VII supports 10 frames per second RAW capture for up to 41 shots, and improved auto-focus should help insure those pics are clear and sharp.


I’m really curious to see how the improved Image Stabilization works in conjunction with Micro 4/3rds lenses. OIS is built into the camera, as opposed to Canon where OIS has to be built into the lens. This means you can keep your lenses smaller, and ALL lenses will be stabilized, even fast primes, which usually don’t have stabilization on traditional SLR platforms. Oly’s Multi-Motion IS buffers against movement from five different directions for both photos and videos.

Also being added to the tech is built in WiFi. This is something I’ve long criticized the camera industry, that in recent years, many cameras still required large bolt on hotshoe or battery grips to add WiFi. The E-M1 skirts this by building it directly into the camera. Scan a QR code on the camera screen, and your phone will automagically pair with the free ImageShare app to mirror the camera’s live view for control on your phone!

All of this new gear built into a splash resistant, freeze resistant, dust-proof shell. Expect the OM-D E-M1 to drop in October for $1399.

Full PR after the break.

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