New Moto X Debuts with Larger Screen for $499

moto x teaser vidMoto is refreshing their line up of smartphones, and the X is getting a top to bottom makeover.

Their flagship steps up to a more premier spec sheet. Moving up to a 5.2″ 1080p OLED powered by a Qualcomm 801 quad-core with 2GB of RAM. It will come in 16GB and 32GB variants, and a 2300mAh battery is on board. The Moto X also joins HTC in providing front facing stereo speakers.Customers will also still have access to Moto Maker, which allows them to customize the colors and materials used to build their phones.

The camera is now being supplied by Sony, and it’s the same sensor which was used on phones like the GS4 and G2. That might feel a little mid-pack by today’s standards, but it should be a welcome improvement from the mediocre 10MP shooter on the OG Moto X.

Motorola’s focus is on optimization, and this new X looks to be continuing in the tradition of pairing a lean build of Android (little to no skin running on top) with software services designed to make the experience a bit more ergonomic. Voice control seems to play a larger role in this generation, and better interaction with voice commands and 3rd party apps will be a welcome improvement.

This new Moto X should be available later this month, and Moto Maker customization will be available for AT&T and Verizon. Pricing is set at $499 off contract and will likely hit $99 on contract. Catch Moto’s teaser vid below.

Buy Your Mom a Moto X for only $299 this Mother’s Day (Sale Today Only)

moto x mothers day saleShe’s your MOM! The least you could do is get her a nice smartphone. Thankfully there’s a sale happening today on the Moto X, and you can score a 16GB model for only $299. The 32GB will run you an additional $25. You can even customize the phone’s colors to match the beautiful flowers you’re sending her for Mother’s Day.

The sale runs today through 11:59PM EDT, so get cracking! And maybe give her a call occasionally. It’s not like she gave you life and then raised you or anything. Geez…

Moto X sale on Moto Maker.

AT&T offers up LG G2 or Moto X for free on two year agreement, for limited time

ATT-Moto-X-free-dealDid you not get the new phone you wanted last year? AT&T might have just the trick for you.

Running now through the end of the month, you can score the LG G2 or Moto X free on a two year contract. Not a bad buy for either as they normally fall into the “$99 on contract” tier. We’ve had the pleasure of playing with both here at SGG, and while they offer up very different experiences, they’re both terrific smartphone solutions.

Shop the LG G2 Here and the Moto X Here. Not a bad way to start the new year off right?


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Moto X Cyber Monday Crash & Burn, CEO Apologizes by Repeating Promo Wednesday Dec 4th

moto x cyber monday sale motorolaI guess you can have too much of a good thing. For Moto, this meant too many customers trying to take advantage of yesterday’s Moto X promo. People flocked to score a Moto X for $350 unlocked, and unfortunately Moto Maker just couldn’t handle the strain.

In a letter released last night Moto CEO Dennis Woodside issued a formal apology to all the customers who weren’t able to properly place their orders, and promised to correct the problem. They’ll be improving MotoMaker’s ability to handle large numbers of customers, and they’ll be doubling the number of phones that will be available for the promotion.

On Wednesday, December 4th at 9am Pacific time the Moto X will once again be on sale for $350 unlocked for the 16GB model on any network with any color combination. Mark your calendars. Apparently this is shaping up to be a popular sale.

Full Motorola apology letter after the jump.

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Cyber Monday PSA: Moto X is on sale for $350 off contract!

moto x cyber monday sale motorolaMotorola’s fresh spin on Android can now be yours for a very nice price!

If you’re shopping Cyber Monday deals, this is a pretty good one. How about $150 off a Moto X?

This brings Moto’s top handset in line with Nexus phones, and Moto is already rolling out KitKat. For the 16GB model, you can schnag one today only for $350. No contract, no financing. $350 and you own it outright.

Quantities will be limited, and the sale runs through today only, but for those lucky folks who can buy one at this price, you can pick one up for Sprint, Verizon, T-Mo, or AT&T. No carrier or color/customization restrictions. Go nuts! Sale starts at 8am Central time!

You folks buying phones this holiday season, will this price point tempt you to open your wallet? Are you considering a Motorola this year? Drop us a comment below!

Moto X Cyber Monday Online Specials.

PSA: MotoMaker for the Moto X now available for top four carriers in the USA.

motomaker moto xJust a friendly heads up.

If you were holding off on buying a Moto X for VZW, Sprint, or T-Mo because you didn’t have access to the same MotoMaker customization options AT&T had, well now might be the time to make that jump.

MotoMaker is no longer a carrier exclusive, and now all four top carriers in the USA can take advantage of the myriad number of color and accent options available.

Get out there and personalize the perfect phone for you!


1st Impressions – The Moto X on AT&T (Video)

Moto X coming to Republic Wireless for $299, No Contract, Plans start at $5 per month

moto x republic wireless 299 wifi calling budget plans somegadgetguyRepublic Wireless is a scrappy alternative MVNO cell carrier. Offering insanely cheap plans starting at $5 a month, they’ve been a favorite around the budget conscious shoppers looking for smartphone service. The trick to keeping plans that cheap is Republic is a hybrid service. When out and about your phone uses Sprint’s network, but when you’re in range of WiFi your phone will use data to make calls like Skype or Vonage. I had the pleasure of reviewing their Moto Defy back in February.

Now the problem with Republic for many folks was the lack of devices. The software to enable hybrid calling has to be built into the ROM, so you can’t bring your own phone. Until now, the only phone they offered was the Defy, which was a fine Gingerbread device, but not the sexiest phone compared to other low cost carriers.

Well that’s going to change really soon. Republic Wireless has scored the Moto X, and they’re going to sell it for an incredible $299 off contract. From the Republic Wireless website:

The Moto X will retail at $299 (plus taxes and surcharges) from the Republic Wireless store. That’s right – we took the hot, new Moto X, added Republic’s great Hybrid service and priced it at $299 with no contract required. That’s a price that’s, like, impossible to match anywhere in the industry. How did we do it? The phone is $299 because we are footing the bill. Period. This is NOT a $299 phone. Take a quick look around the web and look at “no contract” pricing for the Moto X.

In the industry this is typically known as a subsidy, but we’ve added a twist. We are bringing down the cost without holding you to a contract. We’re doing this because we have trust in our members…and we have confidence in our product and service. Contracts are inherently built on a lack of trust…and a lack of confidence in your ability to bring your A game We believe in a better way…the way things should be.

That’s a pretty bold move on the part of such a small player, and I’m stoked to see companies like this look for ways to compete against larger carriers.

Get the full scoop on the Republic Wireless site.

My first impressions video of the Moto X.

1st Impressions: Hands on Review of Motorola’s Moto X on AT&T

somegadgetguy moto x review hands on video motorolaMotorola is on an interesting track, attempting to make specs less important than experience. It’s a difficult sell in AndroidLand, where phones are marketed by numbers on pieces of paper. Through a clever combination of design and optimization, they might just be able to convince people they’re right however.

Let’s take the Moto X for a spin, and see if it has the goods!