Friday Fun: Get Funky with ‘Ultron Funk’ Avengers Parody

Happy Friday!

If I had a complaint with Avengers: Age of Ultron, it would be that there wasn’t nearly enough choreographed dance sequences set to Bruno Mars. Thankfully Screen Team has our back with this riff on Uptown Funk, and some pretty sexy dance moves from Ultron. Enjoy!

Informal Poll: Is HTC’s Rap Video So Bad It’s Good?

Now I LOVES me some schlock. The best “bad” media is made from passionate people, who really believed in their project, but lacked the resources to properly execute.

That’s maybe why I’m torn on HTC’s “funny” rap video here. I’d imagine that HTC has enough cash to compete with the budget of a single Digital Short from SNL, right? Trying to make something look “bad” or “low budget” is a tricky thing to pull off. It’s like asking a singer to purposely sing off key.  It’ll never be as funny as someone who knows they’re a terrible singer belting their favorite karaoke jam at the top of their lungs.

Or maybe I’m wrong, and HTC’s delivered a masterpiece. Your comments below will certainly be appreciated…

Friday Fun: OK GO’s video for ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ will warp your brain!

ok go writings on the wall music videoI love OK GO. They produce some of the most inventive music videos in an age where the traditional music video has become passé.

Their latest outing is no exception, and the video they’ve cut for Writing’s on the Wall explores many of our favorite optical illusions. Doesn’t hurt that I also really like the song. Enjoy!

Just For Fun: Young Rival – Black is Good (Magic Eye, 3D Music Video)

Young Rival - Black Is Good - Magic Eye VideoIt’s not a’s a Sailboat.

Remember those stereogram “Magic Eye” posters which were all the rage in the 90’s? It caused an entire generation of people my age to get really good at going cross-eyed at a moments notice.

Young Rival is going retro, making the entire music vid out of that blurry 3D technique. I think the song is pretty decent too.