The Best Audio Smartphones of 2017… So Far…

We’re taking a quick look (and listen) to the top audio phones of 2017, so far! Comparing microphone quality, speaker tech, and headphone performance, these phones are the best in their respective categories! Did your phone make the list?

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OVC H1 In Ear Headphones With 3 Adjustable Bass Sound Effects (Ipad, Iphone, Ipod) – TK Bay

Today I have for a review of a unique pair of Headphones that allow you to adjust the level Bass for GAME/HIFI/3D with three adjustable sound effects all from the earpieces themselves.
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LG G6 Real Audio Review: No Quad DAC, still really good

LG is making a strong showing in refining and fixing all the things they got wrong last year. Chief among our many complaints with the G5 was rather poor audio performance. Has this been addressed on the G6? Let’s take a listen!

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A Wearable Subwoofer: Lofelt Basslet Hands On @ CES 2017

Consumer headphones and phone audio have improved significantly over recent years, but the one thing we can’t recreate is the sensation of listening to live music or music on good speakers, the vibrations in the air that we feel throughout the body. The folks at Lofelt are looking to fix that with a crazy little subwoofer worn on your wrist. Juan had a chance to sit down with the Founder and CEO of Lofelt, Daniel Büttner to chat music and get a first look (and feel) at their Basslet wearable subwoofer.

More info on the Basslet at

Microsoft Rebrands ‘XBox Music’, Now ‘Groove Music’

microsoft groove musicGoogle and Apple recently made some noise about their streaming radio offerings, and now it’s Microsoft’s turn. While their core XBox Music Pass service wont be changing radically, it will be getting a Windows 10 face lift, with some more intuitive controls, better integration with OneDrive for storing your music collection in the cloud, and eventually an updated app will be released for iOS and Android devices.

Plus it’ll get a new name, moving forward as “Groove”. You can catch the full details and pricing below, or sign up now by installing the Windows 10 Insider Preview.

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Apple Responds to Taylor Swift, Will Pay Artists During Free Music Streaming Promotion

taylor swiftIn a Tumblr post over the weekend, Taylor Swift voiced her disapproval of Apple’s streaming music promotion. It’s a great deal for consumers, as they will receive three free months of Apple Music, Cupertino’s competitor to services like Google Play All Access and Spotify. However, the tech giant initially refused to pay out royalties to artists on the streams played during that free promo.

Apple wanted to make their new service popular on the backs of musicians, with a service which will likely cut into album sales, and for the privilege of “Apple Music Exposure” and lower album sales, they weren’t going to pay musicians a dime.

In response to this policy Swift wrote:

This is not about me. Thankfully I am on my fifth album and can support myself, my band, crew, and entire management team by playing live shows. This is about the new artist or band that has just released their first single and will not be paid for its success. This is about the young songwriter who just got his or her first cut and thought that the royalties from that would get them out of debt. This is about the producer who works tirelessly to innovate and create, just like the innovators and creators at Apple are pioneering in their field…but will not get paid for a quarter of a year’s worth of plays on his or her songs.

Thankfully she’s high enough profile, that this blog post made a lot of noise. This morning Apple Vice President of Internet Software and Services Eddie Cue posted this on Twitter:

It was the right play on Apple’s part as they’re way late to the streaming music game, and we’ve seen how other newcomers like Tidal have fared when hit with bad press. As they’re currently sitting on a war chest of over a hundred billion dollars, there never should have been any debate as to whether they would pay artists the pittance they receive for streams. Happily they’re on the correct track now.

I can honestly say I never thought I would ever side with Taylor Swift on a technology debate, but I’m sure many artists today are happy for her involvement.

Deaf Youtuber Hears Music Better with AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones

I’m a big fan of AfterShokz headphones. Bone conduction is a terrific technology, and the Bluez 2 might just be the safest headphones you can wear outdoors.

vishal playing violinI recently got a message from a young Youtuber named Vishal who posts videos of himself playing piano and violin. He’s a remarkable young man, a talented musician who was born with a condition called Microtia and Aural Atresia, which means he was born without ear canals.

Doctors told his parents he would be deaf and mute, but Vishal’s father introduced him to music at a fairly young age, and thanks to bone conduction hearing aids, he participates in school much like a hearing child might.

After watching one of my reviews on AfterShokz headphones, his father thought they would be worth a try to see if they would be an improvement over the hearing aid he has worn most of his life.

They documented their unboxing and first impressions of the AfterShokz M3 Headphones which you can watch below.

Friday Fun: ‘The Flash’ Cast Sings the Theme Song to ‘Firefly’

jesse l martin the flash firefly singing kickstarterIt’s really fun to see circular fandom between actors and showrunners.

Jesse L Martin is self producing a short film, and fundraising on Kickstarter. Joss Whedon apparently pledged “an outstanding amount” to the project. To thank him, Martin grabbed Flash co-stars Rick Cosnett and Carlos Valdes for a little a capella rendition of the Firefly theme. Take a listen.

We also know that Grant Gustin who plays Barry Allen on the show can carry a tune, so maybe a musical episode might be in our future?