SomeGadgetGuy on Good Day LA – Vlogging from the news room!

SomeGadgetGuy on Good Day LA! Early call times be damned! I had a blast joining the Fox 11 team in Los Angeles to produce a segment on laptops for the family!

Watch the segment:

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Google Unveils Pixel 2 – SomeGadgetGuy on CGTN America

Always happy to join the news team at CGTN to talk about the latest in consumer tech!

Tech giant Google has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone. The Pixel 2 is designed as a direct competitor to the iPhone and comes with high-end features and a hefty price tag. But is there room in the smartphone market for another premium device? CGTN’s Phil Lavelle reports.

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Celebrating 10 Years of iPhone – SomeGadgetGuy on CGTN

Ten years. TEN YEARS!

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, a force which helped revolutionize the consumer mobile market. I joined  Phil Lavelle at CGTN America to take a look back at the most popular (and profitable) single line of smartphones ever made.

#SGGQA Podcast Now on Player FM

My little show is growing up!

Each week I select some of my favorite comments and questions from social media (those little green squares on the left of this blog), and my Youtube channel, to produce a show. It’s a live stream every Friday, and you can watch via the Youtube Playlist, or subscribe to an audio version via RSS, iTunes, or listen to the most recent episode on SoundCloud.

I’m happy to announce that #SGGQA is now available via Player FM! It’s a terrific app for tracking your favorite shows, and now you can find mine on there too!

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SomeGadgetGuy on NBCLA – Are Your Apps Spying on You?

I had the pleasure of working with Randy Mack and the Consumer Product Investigation team at KNBC. While those of us in the tech industry have a pretty nuanced understanding of what app permissions are and what risks we might be taking with our personal information, I really appreciate the approach taken here in introducing the concept of spyware without resorting to a “Sky is Falling”, panic inducing tone.

I’m happy to share this piece we produced, and if you have any tips or tricks for how you discuss privacy and data security with your family, drop a comment below!

Are Your Apps Spying on You? (NBC LA)

The NewYorker Makes Entire Archive Free Online for the Summer!

remnick-new-website-talk-story-690x410-1405955448Many magazines have been struggling with emerging technologies. On the software side you face blogs and social media, and on the hardware side phones and tablets are more “fun” than printed paper.

For their 90th anniversary, The NewYorker is trying something a bit radical for their publication. Following refreshes to their website and app, instead of hiding all their content behind a paywall, or splitting some content out for free, they’ll be making their entire archive available online for the whole summer. From any browser or through the app, even non-subscribers will be able to get their fill.

The paywall will return come fall, but for those of you scouting some fun summer reading, The NewYorker has you covered for the next couple months.

(via The NewYorker blog)

Top 5 for the week starting Dec 1st, 2013 – LG G2 news, Batteries, and Cases!

ballistic hydra waterproof case iphone 5s test review somegadgetguyThese were the top read and most shared stories from SomeGadgetGuy last week! LG ruled the week, but we also got in a few accessories. Nice little round up as we wrap up 2013 and the holiday buying season!

Let’s jump in!

5 – Using a Ballistic Hydra Rugged case for iPhone 5 on an iPhone 5S

The nice thing about how Apple updates the iPhone with a tick-tock system, cases for the iPhone 5 largely work with the iPhone 5S. If you’ve been looking for a rugged case for the 5S, this waterproof case might do the trick!

4 – Review: Ravpower Lipstick Charger and Flashlight

003This week, Chris took a look at a handy little portable charger + flashlight combo. RAVPower has become a favorite here at SGG, offering up very good mobile charging solutions at great prices. Looking to extend your phone’s run time out in the field, maybe this gadget will help?

3 – Ask Juan: Why won’t my Moto X show up as a USB drive on my Mac?

An opportunity to play a little tech support? On a tech blog? Who’d have thunk it? Robin has a problem with his Moto X and his Mac playing nice together. Seems this is a pretty common problem seeing how popular this post was last week…

2 – Real World Battery Test: The LG G2 – 47 hours to “Critically Low”

LG G2 Camera reviewI don’t do a lot of battery bench marking. It’s very time consuming, and usage is very relative. What’s heavy to one person is light use for another.  That said, when a phone comes along with exceptional battery life, I at least need to point out how it handled real world activities.

1 – Camera Test: The LG G2 on AT&T – video samples from a 13MP Android with Optical Image Stabilization!

And the number one story from last week was a doozy! LG made some pretty bold claims surrounding the camera on the G2. It’s only the second Android with optical image stabilization, and it has three times the resolution as the HTC One. Did the G2 camera live up to the hype?

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Weekly Tech Round Table Dec 7, 2013: Prime Air, Windows Threshold, Nexus TV, and AT&T Data Plans

booredatwork roundtableTime for our weekly tech round table discussion with Boored at WorkBWOneMobile Burn, and yours truly.

Every Saturday at 8:30 am Pacific, we discuss the week’s biggest tech stories! This week we talk up Amazon’s drone program, Microsoft unifying Windows Phone and Windows 8, What Google is trying to do to your living room, and AT&T’s new cheaper mobile share plans!

Lot’s to cover this week, so let’s get to it!