My Samsung Camera is DEAD, my lenses are useless, I’m bummed…

It’s dead Jim. I am without a camera, and replacing this busted shooter is a frustrating endeavor. Looks like it’s finally time to properly leave the Samsung NX system and start shopping a proper replacement…

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Lens Review: 16mm f/2.4 Pancake Prime for Samsung NX Mirrorless Cameras

I’ll admit it. I’m a prime snob.

In moving from Canon to Samsung, I was worried about lens selection. While it’s certainly not as robust as Canon’s first party offerings, Samsung has some really decent glass to play with. Let’s check out one of the wider lenses available for this APS-C shooter!

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SomeGadgetGuy in THREE-DEE!!!

I’ve really been enjoying my time with the Samsung NX30 which I picked up during their #DITCHtheDSLR event in Hollywood. It’s been a killer little mirrorless APS-C camera, and we’ve been using it recently to shoot our video reviews at 60FPS!

Well, you can’t really test an interchangeable lens camera without a couple extra lenses to interchange, so the fine folks at Samsung sent over a few for us to review, including their 45mm F1.8 3D lens!

I’m finding it’s actually terrifically difficult to share 3D files using traditional social networks, so I’ve set up a OneDrive folder where you can download the MPO files and view them directly via whatever method you prefer to use for 3D content. I’ve personally been running the files through an NVIDIA 3D Vision setup, and the shots are coming out much better than I would’ve expected for a consumer 3D solution.

Click on the folder or link below to see some of the 3D samples before we wrap up our review!

SomeGadgetGuy 3D pics and vids!

Samsung Donates $50,000 to LA Habitat for Humanity at #DITCHtheDSLR Event in Hollywood

I finally said goodbye to my old Canon Rebel. Samsung made the pain of giving it away easier by allowing me to trade it in for a new NX30 mirrorless camera. The event in Hollywood also featured a Guinness World Record selfie chain, and showcased Samsung’s charitable side with a $50,000 donation to the LA chapter of Habitat for Humanity!

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