Review: OtterBox Symmetry Bumper Case for LG G3

I’ve been a long time fan of OtterBox Cases. Their new Symmetry line of bumper cases seeks to balance style, durability, and ease of use. Do they live up to hype? Let’s take a look…

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OtterBox Leak Points to Camera Refinements on HTC One M9

HTC One M9 Otterbox LeakWe still don’t have a lot of information on what will be coming for HTC’s next flagship phone. No confirmation on screen size or resolution. We don’t even know yet if it will use Qualcomm’s new 810 chipset.

This leaked line up of cases from OtterBox however do show some detail as to what we might expect from HTC. Cut outs show they’ll be keeping the front facing stereo speakers. Also the button arrangement looks like HTC will yet again be “inspired” by Nokia, which would be a welcome change from the top mounted power buttons on the M7 and M8.

Most interesting however is the large square-ish cutout for the rear camera. We don’t see a secondary port for a duo camera sensor.

My biggest complaint with the M8 came from the camera quality, walking away from Optical Image Stabilization (a feature which greatly improves video and low light photos) in favor of a fun gimmick which developers never really embraced. We obviously don’t know the particulars of what will go into HTC’s next camera, but a return to a single sensor with OIS would be a welcome change.

And I’m always glad to see accessory manufacturers ready to support new phones. OtterBox’s Commuter case has seen regular rotation on my M8.

We’ll need to wait until March for the full scoop! What are you hoping to see in HTC’s next flagship phone? Drop us a comment below!

Review: OtterBox Defender Rugged Case for Nokia Lumia Icon (930)

Taking flagship smartphones out into rugged conditions can be a dicey proposition. The Lumia Icon is built solidly for day to day bumps and bruises, but it’s not really designed to be thrown around in rough situations. Thankfully OtterBox has a solution to improve that…

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iPhone 6 Defender Case Review
How the *#&^% Do You Remove an OtterBox Case?!?!?

Review: OtterBox Defender for iPhone 6 – Excellent Durability, More Attractive

I’ve been a long time fan of OtterBox cases, and since the weather has been so nice lately, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to get out of my office to review the new Defender case for the iPhone 6!

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How the hell do you remove a defender case???

CTIA 2014 – OtterBox iPhone 6 Cases and Alpha Glass Privacy Shield

OtterBox was on the CTIA showing off their new cases due to arrive soon after the launch of the iPhone 6. The Defender is getting an even more durable hard shell in an overall slimmer form factor, and they’ll be releasing a new privacy filter Alpha Glass screen protector.

How the #%@& do you remove an OtterBox Defender Case?

OtterBox Unveils “Alpha Glass” Screen Protectors for iPhone 5 and Galaxy S5

otterbox alpha glass screen protectorA premier smartphone is a hefty investment, and most accidental damage tends to take out the beautiful screens on our devices.

OtterBox, known for rugged cases, is now getting into the screen protector game. They aren’t just throwing out any floppy plastic guards though, they going with hardened glass.

Dubbed “Alpha Glass”, it features “Anti-Shatter” technology, and they think it’s tough enough to withstand your daily shenanigans. In its debut, you’ll find versions cut for the iPhone 5C, 5S, and the Galaxy S5, with more phone models to follow. $30 is the price of entry, and smashing that would be a lot better than a screen replacement.

Do you use a screen protector or rugged case? Drop us a comment below!

Ask Juan: How the hell do you remove an OtterBox Defender Rugged Case?

otterbox defender case ask juan help how to remove take off somegadgetguyA couple months ago I did a three part series on my favorite line of rugged cases, the Defender from OtterBox (linked below this video). Even though I showed in detail pretty every feature of the case, and how to install one, I missed one crucial aspect in all three reviews.

How do you take the darn thing off? Good thing my Youtube viewers call me out on stuff…

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