Newegg Now First Episode! Juan and Trisha talking Microsoft G.Skill, MSI, and Vertagear

In the first-ever episode of Newegg Now, Trisha and Juan Carlos share exclusive limited-time deals, discuss the latest Windows 10 updates, the newest member of the Surface family, RAM overclocking, 180-degree gaming, and what makes a good gaming chair. Episode partners include Microsoft, G.SKILL, MSI, and Vertagear.

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AMD Ryzen Demo VS Intel I7 6900. Is it Faster ? – TK Bay


Ryzen CPUs are hot and they give you high quality performance at an amazing price. I had a chance to see a demo of a head to head encoding test on 2 almost identical systems other than the CPUs. Check it out and see who wins.

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Live Ask Juan: Upgrades to help an older PC with Video Editing?

inside computer pc hardware upgrade videocard ram cables somegadgetguyGot another great reader question. Thought I’d take to the Youtube’s to answer it!

From Youtube viewer TableReadTheater:

Hey Juan,
I have an older PC, like 3 or 4 years. It still runs ok, but I want to start doing some video editing. I can’t buy a new system yet, but I can spend a little on a few parts. What kinds of upgrades can I do to help it run better for video?