Juan Bagnell and Joshua Vergara: Pocketnow and Android Authority Podcasts!

Friday was a fun day! Joshua Vergara from Android Authority dropped by the Gadget Lab for a pair of kick ass podcasts! Talking all thinks Google and Pixel 2, we got into the nitty-gritty on new phones, photography, and cool consumer accessories. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some cool tech talk!

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Google Unveils Pixel 2 – SomeGadgetGuy on CGTN America

Always happy to join the news team at CGTN to talk about the latest in consumer tech!

Tech giant Google has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone. The Pixel 2 is designed as a direct competitor to the iPhone and comes with high-end features and a hefty price tag. But is there room in the smartphone market for another premium device? CGTN’s Phil Lavelle reports.

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Pixel 2 Reactions: The new phones #MadeByGoogle – Pocketnow

Google’s first Pixel was an exciting phone. The follow up Pixel 2 is focused more on software, services, and AI than on impressing with specs or crazy hardware experiments. What’s new? What was left out? Here’s the full scoop on the phones #MadeByGoogle!

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