Gear Review: IntoCircuit PC11200 Power Bank

WP_20141007_015Today we are taking a look at IntoCircuit’s 11200 mAh portable power bank! As you may or may not know, we here at Some Gadget Guy are not into unboxings, however I really do like the packaging and colors that this battery is packed in. With that being said, let’s jump right into the review!

WP_20141007_013                                 WP_20141011_004

Upon opening the box and pulling out the power bank, you will immediately notice that this power bank has a hefty feel (278G), and it has a very nice brushed aluminum case. The design is simple yet rugged looking and measures 4.3” X 2.8” X 0.9” . There is a nice bright LCD screen that will light up for 30 seconds so you can see the progress of your devices being charged. The display will also show you which port is being used. The IntoCircut PC11200 has one button to turn the power bank on and off. When you double press the button, you will activate the flashlight. Yes, the IntoCircuit PC11200 has a bright flashlight which would come in very handy for multiple situations. I really like the flashlight option on this power bank because you never know when you will need a flashlight in case something goes awry. (power outages, zombie apocalypse  or when you go camping.)


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Longterm Review: RAVPOWER Lipstick Charger and Flashlight


Back in November of last year I reviewed the Ravpower Lipstick charger and I am here to give you my longterm update on this awesome yet inexpensive portable charger!

003I use this everyday for all of my gadgets and the Ravpower is always in my backpack or messenger bag ready to charge my device.  On one occasion, while riding my bike super-fast like Evil Knievel, I pulled the Ravpower out of my pocket to use the flashlight, as the headlight on my bike had run out of juice, and I dropped the Ravpower! NOOOOOO! It went skidding across the street kind of like that flat stone you skipped across the lake in the summer. It missed certain destruction from a car by about a foot or so.  I thought to myself  “Self, I have a feeling it’s done…” Continue reading “Longterm Review: RAVPOWER Lipstick Charger and Flashlight”

Lenovo Flex 20 Long Term Review: 20″, Battery Powered, Touchscreen Windows 8 All-in-One PC

It’s time for the wrap up! I’ve been using the Lenovo Flex 20 for a couple months, and it’s been an interesting exercise in where the future of home and desktop PC’s might lead us.

Let’s take a look!

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Flex 20 First Impressions.
Flex 20 Speaker Test.

AT&T adds Unite Pro to Hotspot Lineup – Connect 15 devices to LTE over WiFi

ATTUNITE3[1]Business solutions often involve work groups. Try to connect a couple road warriors to data while on the go, and you can quickly max out most portable hotspots. Add in the fact that each person on the team will usually have more than one device, and keeping everyone “fed” gets even more difficult.

AT&T is adding the Netgear Unite Pro to their hotspot lineup, and while it comes with a number of handle features like dual band WiFi, a touchscreen, and 16 hours of battery life, the feature most will probably consider first is that it’s capable of connecting up to 15 individual devices over WiFi to share a 4G LTE data connection.

It might bog down a bit if all 15 try streaming HD video at the same time, but you should be served PLENTY of bandwidth to get your work done.

Unite Pro will cost $50 when it goes on sale November 22nd. Full PR and a video after the jump.

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Review: Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (with audio quality test samples)

nokia play 360 bluetooth speaker nfc pairing android windows phone somegadgetguyNokia generally does a fantastic job of creating a whole ecosystem for their products. Getting ahead of the tech curve by releasing cases, covers, headphones, and speakers alongside their smartphone offerings.

One such example is the Nokia Play 360 portable speaker, which not only offers up Bluetooth wireless connectivity, but the ability to pair over NFC. While it features some cutting edge tech, how does the speaker actually sound?

Let’s take a listen!

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NVIDIA posts an EXPLOSIVE tear down video of the Shield portable gaming console.

nvidia tear down shield explosion video somegadgetguyOk.

I’m geek enough to really enjoy a good tear down video. The first computer I ever took apart was an 8088 running DOS. It’s in my blood. I like knowing what’s inside my magic boxes. NVIDIA has taken a somewhat novel approach to opening up their Shield portable gaming console (one of my favorites from this year’s E3 btw).

When they said they were going to show us an “exploded” view of Shield, who knew they would take that literally…