Yam Review! Scratch and Bend Test! Are Sweet Potatoes Worth It? YAMS EXPLAINED!

This video is LIT! I’m blowing the lid off YAMS! Here’s everything you need to need to know about yams! Keep watching for a special appearance from one of my fave YouTUBERS! Get it? Tubers?

BooredAtWork’s Red Apple review https://youtu.be/KjQUx7IuCaA

Buy the YAM on Amazon! http://amzn.to/2nUbIzR

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Top five of the week starting March 31st – Leef, Lumias, and a Potato?

What a week! Tons of hot tech news dropped, and we got to have a little fun as well. Here’s a run down on your favorite stories from the last seven days!

micromax and prestigio

5- Microsoft BUILD 2014 Kicks Off With Windows Phone 8.1

Developers were the focus, but consumers finally got official word on all of the updates coming down the pipe for Windows Phone 8.1. Along with a pair of new Nokias, Microsoft looks to be building a much stronger portfolio as the third place mobile competitor.


4- Google Looks to Become Wireless Carrier in Fiber Areas?

A little nugget from the rumor mill, but one welcomed by the internet community at large. With their reputation for market disruption, and the small successes they’ve found in delivering fiber internet to homes, it would seem many consumers would strongly consider doing business with Google as a cell phone carrier…

reddit banner

3- Corrupting User Moderated Web Sites: r/Technology Bans Tesla Stories?

When your site or service is built on volunteer workers, there’s always the potential that some of them might be corrupted by outside influences. Reddit had a meltdown when it was discovered that r/Technology had been shadowbanning any story with the word Tesla in it. Rogue moderator, or example of social news site corruption?

leef access microsd otg reader for android

2- Review: The Leef Access MicroSD card reader for Android Phones

As not all Android phones come with SD cards any more, this is a handy little gadget which can help you add and manage storage while you’re out and about!

potato unboxing long term review somegadgetguy

1- Potato Unboxing, 1st Impressions, Full Review, and Comparison to the LG G2

We decided to play along this April Fools Day, and produced this ridiculous 18 minute long video unboxing and review of one of our favorite sources of starchy carbs. Little did we now that many people online feel the same way about unboxing videos as we do…

Potato Unboxing, 1st Impressions, Full Review, and Comparison (versus the LG G2)

I just got a brand new tuber!

Let’s go hands on with an unboxing and then see how it stacks up against the LG G2! Get ready for .5 kilograms of starch yo!