Build Your Own PC! SomeGadgetGuy’s New Video Editing Workstation for 2015!

It was time folks. My old rig was originally designed to edit audio, and moving into UHD and 60 FPS HD video, she just couldn’t keep up anymore. Say hello to my new video editing workstation. Freshly built and ready to destroy my future reviews!

The challenge was to build a tower with an OS for less than the price of a mid-range iMac (as I will be recycling my displays, speakers, keyboard, and mouse). How’d I do? Let’s take a look!

Full parts list below:
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Pro Tips: How I would fix the cameras on Nokia Smartphones (Post Cyan Update)

The cameras found on Nokia flagship phones are certainly formidable, but no gadget is perfect, and there’s ALWAYS room for improvement.

Here’s how I (and others who have commented on this blog) would tinker with Nokia’s camera software.

App Review: Protect your Android Phone or Tablet with Device Manager

We recently covered the news that California will become the second state to mandate a smartphone kill switch on all new smartphones sold after July 1, 2015.

Of course, that’s almost a year away, and for you folksĀ using an Android here’s how you can better protect your phone or tablet today!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Tip: Should You Leave Picture Stabilization on for Low Light Photos?

Samsung is doing something a little different with the electronic image stabilization on the Galaxy S5 Camera. Does it really result in better pics with less noise?

Let’s take a look!

Galaxy S5 Pro Tip: How to enable developer options and speed up system animations!

galaxy s5 developer optionsQuick pro tip for you fine folks rocking the Galaxy S5. Even though it’s one of the most powerful phones on the market, doesn’t mean we can’t tweak it!

Here’s a handy trick to tighten up the animations so transitions will feel a little faster. All we have to do first is turn on the developer options in settings…

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Your Podcast Audio SUCKS! Here are some pro tips to make it a little better…

I work in voice over and spoken word recording, and it’s kinda killing me how many people are still pumping out bad audio for their podcasts.

With all of the radical improvements in our technology, it really does drive home the point that nicer equipment doesn’t guarantee better results. If you’re wanting to produce more professional sounding audio, you’re still going to have to learn the basics of how recording works.

So, in true internet geek fashion, allow me to insult you for a bit while we take a look at some tips to improve your home recording.