4K Review: KumbaCam Smartphone Steadicam Stabilizer – A Selfie Stick on Steroids! (UHD Video)

As our smartphone cameras get better, and more capable, shouldn’t we also start getting better accessories to achieve more professional results? That’s the KumbaCam goal, with their three axis smartphone steadicam stabilizer. Does it actually produce more professional looking video? Let’s take a look!

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Pro Gear Review: Kamerar VF4+ Universal LCD Viewfinder for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Shooting video. Using your LCD to compose stills. Outdoor photography can be challenging in direct sunlight. Kamerar’s VF4+ uses brackets and rails to isolate your LCD screen, protect it from the sun, and provide a little extra magnification to insure you land your focus. Let’s take a look!

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Professional Broadcast Streaming Video Coming From Skype TX

Four years ago, on an entirely different blog, I lobbied Skype for a professional grade audio/video service. That day might be arriving soon…

Unveiled two days ago, Skype took the wraps off of their new broadcast-grade service dubbed “Skype TX”. Built on their acquisition of Cat and Mouse technology, they’ve developed a hardware and software combo which should deliver high quality video calling globally. Adding to a suite of tools already available to help producers integrate video content into their programs, Skype TX should be available later this year.

Me from four years ago would be very excited. Full PR below with more details on the service. Continue reading “Professional Broadcast Streaming Video Coming From Skype TX”

Studio Gear Review: Audio-Technica Pro 70 Wired Lavalier/Instument Microphone

AT makes some of my all time favorite mics, but I’ve never played with one of their Lavs. I ran this little clip-on through a couple different scenarios, including some loud outdoor shots, to see how it holds up. Quick shout out to BooredAtWork, for hooking me up with this mic, and now let’s take a look!

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Studio Gear Review: The R0DE Classic II Anniversary Edition Tube Microphone

We haven’t done a studio microphone review for a while, so it’s time to come back with a biggie. R0DE’s Classic II is a modern twist on a vintage-y mic technology. Not only that, the Anniversary edition comes in Darth Vader black, and it’s pretty sexy. Let’s take a look (and a listen)!

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Digital Bolex serves up more sample footage from the D16

digital bolex d16The D16 is a throw back to the classic days of amazing 16mm film cameras. Hand cranks and pistol grips ruled the day, and many film makers got their start with these interchangeable lens systems. The Digital Bolex is a modern re-imagining of that classic camera utilizing a 2K digital sensor and the ability to shoot raw video. Designed to use any number of semi-pro and professional lenses and accessories, the D16 was a Kickstarter funded project, and now we’re just waiting for it to hit the market proper to play with.

Well, while we wait, the Digital Bolex folks like to tease us, and they’ve just released another round of test footage from their prototype after a recent calibration. It’s looking pretty good…