LG V10 Arrives on AT&T Nov. 6 with Free Battery and 200GB Micro SD Card

LG’s new monster fashion phablet is finally making its way to AT&T!

Big Blue announced pricing and availability for the LG V10, and our estimates we’re right on. The pricing will land around $700 total when using AT&T’s $0 down, monthly pricing plans. On the Next program, the V10 will cost $35 a month when financing over 20 months, andthe phone will be on store shelves November 6th.

As with the G4 launch, LG will be sweetening the deal by adding in a spare battery, a battery charger, and a 200GB Micro SD Card. The V10 already comes standard with 64GB of built in storage, so this will provide a whopping amount of space for all of the incredible high bit rate video you’re going to shoot on this monster camera.

We’ve got the full scoop on the V10, and you can catch all of our reviews and comparisons below!

LG V10 Review

LG V10 Camera Review

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AT&T Holiday Bundle: Free Galaxy Tab 3 With Purchase of Select Samsung Phones

GALAXY-Tab-3-7-inch_001_WiFiWho likes getting free stuff? We do!

AT&T is helping you kit out your collection of glowing rectangles this holiday season. Starting today and running through the end of the year, if you sign up for a two year agreement or AT&T NEXT, and you get a Galaxy S4, GS4 Active, a Note 2, or a Note 3, you will also receive a fun larger screened extra. AT&T is going to throw in a Galaxy Tab 3 to help keep the season bright. Not a bad little value add, grabbing a  little 7″ tablet for yourself… Or give it away as a gift… OR keep it for yourself…

Just imagine if you also snagged a Galaxy Gear. You could literally cover yourself in Samsung.

Running concurrently, AT&T is also running a trade in program for your old phone. Promo cards start at $100 for select devices, but it’s a decent way to recycle your old gear and save a little cash on your next purchase.

Full details after the jump!


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DuoLingo promotes free language training with new Youtube video

duolingo online free language education somegadgetguy promo videoOpen sourcing education with services like the Khan Academy might just be our future, providing free access to high quality materials, easily accessible via any data connection (more pressure to keep the web Net Neutral, but I digress).

Now online language educators DuoLingo are looking to increase their visibility by releasing this online promo. DuoLingo offers completely free courses for folks looking to learn Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Having just signed up myself, it looks like a well structured way to learn another language, and the price is certianly right.

You can find more info at DuoLingo.com.

Microsoft will give you at least $200 to trade in your iPad for a Surface

microsoft promo store trade in your ipad somegadgetguyIf you’ve been wanting to make the jump from iOS to Windows 8 for your tablet usage, Microsoft is more than happy to help you make the transition by cutting you a check.

Yup, on the Microsoft store, they’re currently running a promotion that will pay out a minimum of $200 for you iPad 2,3, or 4. Sorry first gen iPad owners, but no one really wants anything to do with tech that old…

Now, this might be a good, convenient solution for people who just want to buy a Surface or Surface Pro and don’t want to hassle with offloading their old Apple gear, but if your iPad 2 is in good condition, and if you’ve kept the box, it’s likely you could score around $250 for that tablet on eBay.

Microsoft Surface “Trade in your iPad” Promo.

Get to know the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 intimately. Samsung posts in depth intro video. UPDATED with 18 minute Galaxy Gear Video!

17 action menuYeah. Some hot, sweet, S-Pen action!

Sammy’s Youtube channel just posted this six and a half minute long video introducing the Galaxy Note 3, and spending some time walking around all the new features.

The video details the new design, the updated hardware, and then showcases some of the new quick control actions like Air Command and Action Memo. If you’ve been curious about what the Note 3 has to offer, this video should answer a lot of questions.

Click here for our full coverage of Samsung Unpacked from Berlin!


Wow Samsung! Get a room for those two!

Not to be outdone by themselves, or anyone else on the internet reviewing tech, they just dropped this EIGHTEEN minute video showing of the combo of Galaxy Gear + Galaxy Note 3. Geez… I guess  I don’t even need to bother reviewing this stuff anymore…