Parrot Minidrone Swing Review And Flight #Verizon #parrot – TK Bay

If you love flying drones as much as I do, you will have tons of fun flying the Parrot Swing drone. You start with Quad mode and then you switch to plane mode and go supper fast. Love the design and the flypad.

Hope you Enjoy the video review.

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Quadcopter Flown Through Fireworks Show Captures Incredible Footage

quadcopter fireworks videoSo first of all, it’s just kind of fantastic that the little copter wasn’t hit by one of the explosions.

VIMEO user Gasper C uploaded this video showing what it would look like if you could safely get up close and personal to an exploding fireworks show. Enjoy.

DJI PHANTOM FIREWORKS from Gasper C on Vimeo.