Amazon Writes Off $170 Million During Earnings Call Following Weak Fire Phone Sales

I’m not sure what Amazon could have done to be honest. Even if they had been substantially more proactive, putting people on the ground, building a grass roots fan base, courting influencers and creating evangelists, instead of the top-down marketing and outreach they decided on, it still might not have meant success for their first phone outing.

Launching a new phone in this market is a near guaranteed failure. While Amazon has found quite a bit of success with their Kindle series, tablets are companion devices. Second screens. Phones are mission critical communication devices for most folks. That makes consumers far more conservative. We’re a lot less likely to take a risk with a phone.¬† Continue reading “Amazon Writes Off $170 Million During Earnings Call Following Weak Fire Phone Sales”

Microsoft Doubles Quarterly Surface Sales, Moves 9.3 Million Lumias

Microsoft CEO Satya NadellaDuring their earnings call, Microsoft had some good news for their hardware divisions.

Redmond managed to more than double their revenue on the Surface line up of tablets, reaching $908 million over last quarter’s $400 million. Lumias also had their best quarter yet moving 9.3 million phones, built largely on the popularity of low cost handsets. In all the Devices and Consumer Hardware division revenue grew 47% over last quarter to $10.96 billion.

However, following restructuring costs and Nokia’s hardware integration, Microsoft’s stock is down $0.11 a share.

While it’s not earth shaking news, it is positive growth, and any positive traction in this market means we’ll be seeing more competition moving forward. Fingers crossed this means we’ll see new Microsoft Branded Lumia phones sooner rather than later.

Microsoft Earnings Report

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Netflix to raise prices on new subscribers, arrive on Cable DVR’s

netflix-logoQueue the tirades of angry internetizens threatening to cancel/never do business with Netflix ever again…

In their shareholder earnings call, Netflix detailed their first quarter 2014 numbers. Subscribers are up 2.2 million, ¬†They’re seeing strong growth internationally, and overseas losses shrank by almost half, expecting profitability by end of year. Revenue was up around $200 million, but costs also rose in the light of the number of original programs to be produced and advertised. No fewer than eleven new series or new seasons of established season are in the pipeline.

A Netflix app will be coming to cable services which use TiVO DVR’s, with a hopeful nod at additional cable DVR’s in the future. Continue reading “Netflix to raise prices on new subscribers, arrive on Cable DVR’s”

Google Stock Price Breaks Records and $1000 a Share

google stock price 1000 dollars somegadgetguy investingWell I suppose we all know who the “Big Bad” is now…

Google announced a pretty strong quarter during their earnings call yesterday. Even with somewhat weak performance from Motorola, Goog generated $14.9 Billion in revenue which represented a 12% increase over Q3 2012. This amounts to $2.97 Billion net income for the quarter (also an increase over last year), and Google announced they’re currently sitting on about $56 Billion in cash.

Investors seemed to appreciate this news, and in after hours trading, Google’s stock broke 1000 points for the first time in the company’s history. At the time of this writing, they’re currently up 120 points from before the earnings call, trading around 1010. Remarkable stock performance, leaping 13% over a period of less than a day.

Their current strategy, moving ads to mobile devices, incorporating more ads on mobile services, would appear to be paying off. It would also appear that some of Google other services like Google Apps (designed to compete against Microsoft’s business offerings) might be showing signs of life.

Now Google stands as one of the few companies which will cost you over $1000 to buy a single share of their stock. I totally should’ve bought in earlier… Sigh…

(via Google Investor Relations)