My Samsung Camera is DEAD, my lenses are useless, I’m bummed…

It’s dead Jim. I am without a camera, and replacing this busted shooter is a frustrating endeavor. Looks like it’s finally time to properly leave the Samsung NX system and start shopping a proper replacement…

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Good Night iPad 2, You Had a Good Run…

apple ipad 4And with barely a blip, the reign of the iPad 2 was ended.

Long used as an “entry level” tablet, Apple quietly pulled the plug on the lower resolution sibling to the iPad Air. It survived as the back up option over three additional iPad releases, but over this last year, began to show how aged and out classed it was opposite newer, low-cost Android and Windows gear.

Moving forward, Apple has replaced the iPad 2 with the iPad 4. Similar housing, but now all of the full sized iPads will have Retina displays and Lightning Connectors. This leaves only the original iPad Mini with a low resolution “Non-Retina” display.

In a world of yearly iteration, the iPad 2 had a pretty good run, but now it’s time to move on…

RIP: Winamp to shut down December 20th 2013 – no longer available to download

RIP WinampI have such fond memories of Winamp. It was a mandatory download for MP3 playing back in the Windows XP days. No program like it had the wealth of streaming radio and customization options. Hours were spent selecting exactly the right skin and visualization plugins. It was the best.

Winamp even seemed primed for a potential comeback during the early days of Android, offering up a fantastic mobile app which synced to the desktop player, and served users WiFi music sync. Before the app market became Google Play, we didn’t have an iTunes-like media management system, and Winamp was pretty handy for quickly swapping and updating our playlists.

Unfortunately, in a world of cloud services like Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play Music, our poor little Winamp just wasn’t able to continue competing against streaming radio and cloud solutions.

The entire Winamp ecosystem is shutting down December 20th of this year.

No more downloading the desktop player. No more All the other associated features will be turned off. Say goodnight Gracie.

Those who still have Winamp software installed, I’m sure it’ll still function locally, but I think it’s time to move on. Start finding other solutions. I haven’t used it in years, but I’m going to miss Winamp.

It no longer whips the llama’s ass…

(via Winamp)