Urban Armor Gear Rugged Phone Case Review Round Up

The folks at UAG heard about my experiences wrecking a Galaxy Note 5 and took pity on me. It would be more accurate to say they took pity on my other review gadgets, and they sent over a trio of rugged bumper cases.

Checking out solutions for the Galaxy S6 Edge+, Apple iPhone 6S, and LG V10, it was interesting seeing which phones needed more protection, and which phones felt like this case might be overkill. Here are full reviews for all three cases!

UAG Case for Galaxy S6 Edge+

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Galaxy S6 Active: A Day at the Waterpark for #ATTMobileReview!

What better way to test a waterproof phone than to take it out for a spin at a waterpark? The folks at AT&T set up a fun blogger meet up at Knott’s Berry Farm Surf City. How did the Galaxy S6 Active fare? Let’s take a look!

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Galaxy S6 Active Review: The Full Scoop on Samsung’s Newest Rugged Phone

In the past, rugged phones have come with compromises. Features like the camera and speaker are often sacrificed to reach a certain price point. Now into their third iteration of rugged Galaxy, does Samsung fall into the same trap with the Galaxy S6 Active? Let’s take a look!

Galaxy S6 Active and Accessories on Amazon.
Galaxy S6 Active Speaker Test.
Galaxy S6 Camera Review.
Galaxy S6 FFC VLOG Test.

Case Review: Speck MightyShell + FacePlate for the iPhone 6 – Fun Design and Durable

Do you want better drop and scratch protection for your iPhone 6? Do you want some fun color accents and a fun design? Speck might have the case for you with their two piece MightyShell + FacePlate. Let’s take a look!

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Review: STM Drifter Backpack – Durable Laptop Protection for Travelers

I’m a big fan of STM gear. They make stylish, trendy products which do a great job of protecting our gadgets and electronics. With the Drifter they’ve focused not on the boardroom look, but on crafting a durable and rugged pack for travelers. Let’s take a look at STM’s newest laptop backpack!

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Review: Dog & Bone Wetsuit case for iPhone 6 – Slim, Rugged, and Waterproof!

The iPhone 6 is a gorgeous phone, but it’s not known for being the most rugged gadget on the market. Australian manufacturer Dog & Bone have adapted their wetsuit case for Apple’s latest and greatest. Let’s take a look!

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Review: OtterBox Defender Rugged Case for Nokia Lumia Icon (930)

Taking flagship smartphones out into rugged conditions can be a dicey proposition. The Lumia Icon is built solidly for day to day bumps and bruises, but it’s not really designed to be thrown around in rough situations. Thankfully OtterBox has a solution to improve that…

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iPhone 6 Defender Case Review
How the *#&^% Do You Remove an OtterBox Case?!?!?

Review: OtterBox Defender for iPhone 6 – Excellent Durability, More Attractive

I’ve been a long time fan of OtterBox cases, and since the weather has been so nice lately, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to get out of my office to review the new Defender case for the iPhone 6!

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How the hell do you remove a defender case???