LG V10 Mega 4K Camera Review! Does It Live Up to The Hype?

The G4 had one of my all time favorite smartphone cameras. With the V10, LG is looking to improve their video by introducing manual settings similar to their still photography controls. Does the V10 improve upon its predecessor? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look at the most comprehensive camera review available for LG’s fashionable flagship phone!

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NX1 Cinema 4K Video Samples: 4096 x 2160 from Samsung’s Pro Mirrorless Camera

We’re just starting to review the NX1, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share some video samples! Samsung’s newest APS-C mirrorless camera is a beast capable of shooting true Cinema 4K resolution. Here’s an afternoon in Los Angeles shot in Ultra High Definition. Be sure to hit full screen, and toggle your quality settings to see every picture from this monster video file. Enjoy!

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More info on the NX1.

Smartphone Camera Review: Nokia Lumia 830 on AT&T (Real World Video Samples)

Spoiler alert: It’s a really good camera.

You can always count on Nokia to pack a great camera on a phone at any price point. The Lumia 830 is a mid-range phone, so let’s see if the 10MP shooter is a mid-range camera!

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SomeGadgetGuy in THREE-DEE!!!

I’ve really been enjoying my time with the Samsung NX30 which I picked up during their #DITCHtheDSLR event in Hollywood. It’s been a killer little mirrorless APS-C camera, and we’ve been using it recently to shoot our video reviews at 60FPS!

Well, you can’t really test an interchangeable lens camera without a couple extra lenses to interchange, so the fine folks at Samsung sent over a few for us to review, including their 45mm F1.8 3D lens!

I’m finding it’s actually terrifically difficult to share 3D files using traditional social networks, so I’ve set up a OneDrive folder where you can download the MPO files and view them directly via whatever method you prefer to use for 3D content. I’ve personally been running the files through an NVIDIA 3D Vision setup, and the shots are coming out much better than I would’ve expected for a consumer 3D solution.

Click on the folder or link below to see some of the 3D samples before we wrap up our review!

SomeGadgetGuy 3D pics and vids!

SomeGadgetGuy’s Ultimate Collection of LG G3 Reviews and Comparison Videos!

Last year LG delivered a phone well ahead of the curve in the G2. This year they’re continuing to push the envelope with the G3. On paper, it should be an absolute monster with a QHD screen, incredible battery life, and a new laser focusing system for the camera.

Has LG succeeded in redefining the Android experience?

We’ve produced a series of videos testing out the speaker and camera. Plus we’ve shot comparisons of the G3 against popular handsets like the GS5, Lumia Icon, and HTC M8. Lastly, we’ve taken a full tour around the hardware and software in our first impressions video.

If there’s any aspect of this phone that you’ve been curious about, chances are pretty good we’ve covered it. In detail. Hit the videos below if you’ve been curious about LG’s newest flagship!

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LG G3 Camera Review: HD Video Test and Samples (1080p)

LG’s newest phone sports some amazing specs. We run the AT&T version of the G3 through its paces to see how the camera performance has evolved over the G2, and if that new Laser Focus is as good as LG claims it is. It’s time for our real-world test bench!

LG G3 Camera Review: UHD Video Test and Samples.
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LG G3 First Impressions.

LG G3 Camera Review: UHD Video Test and Samples (2160p)

To go along with that impressive Quad HD screen, you’ll probably want to shoot some Ultra-HD video! At four times the resolution of 1080p, the LG G3 camera is capable of capturing some stunning footage. We run the AT&T version through our real world camera benchmarks to see how it performs!

LG G3 Camera Review – HD Video Test and Samples.
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LG G3 First Impressions.

UHD Video Samples from the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active on AT&T – A Day in Santa Monica

I talk a lot. I explain a lot. Sometimes you just need to shut up and let the camera do the “talking”. Taking Samsung’s newest rugged Galaxy on a trip down to the beach, and shooting Ultra HD video along the way.

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