Geek Book Club 002 – The Three-Body Problem

An incredible undertaking in science fiction, and a fantastic translation. The Three-Body Problem is a unique take on the classic alien “first contact” story told from a Chinese perspective. What would Earth look like if we knew extra-terrestrials were on their way to our planet?

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GBC002 – The Three-Body Problem

Next month’s review (Oct. 20, 2017): ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’

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Geek Book Club 001 – The Man From Earth

Jerome Bixby is most known for his work as a TV writer, penning four episodes of the original Star Trek, an episode of the Twilight Zone, and co-wrote the story which Isaac Asimov would later adapt into ‘Fantastic Voyage’. His last work was an intimate screenplay about a man claiming to be an immortal caveman. A story almost forty years in the making, here’s our look at The Man From Earth!
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Next month’s review: ‘The Three Body Problem’

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Friday Fun: BBC Radio Broadcast of Neuromancer by William Gibson

William Gibson helped create most of the lingo we use today when discussing internet things like hackers or cyber-security. Neuromancer was an influential novel for this author, and it’s a fun trip visiting this BBC radio play. Two hours in length, it’s abridged, but a surprisingly effective re-telling of a classic sci-fi novel. Check it out over the weekend, or during the holidays. Not bad for a freebie!

Star Trek 50: Is this really all we’re going to get?

As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I have to wonder: Is this really all the fanfare we’re going to get for the 50th anniversary of one of the most ground breaking television shows ever made?

Frustrations arise as I ramble my way through my fandom for Trek while talking about cosmetics and beer sampling. Enjoy!

UPDATED! Nine previously lost episodes of Doctor Who will be available to purchase Oct 11

patrick troughton second doctor who

And there you have it, after yesterday’s speculation (below after the “read more” link), we now have the full scoop on what was found.

Nine episodes from the Second Doctor’s run were found in a relay station in Nigeria. The Patrick Troughton story line The Enemy of The World is now complete with all six episodes accounted for, and The Web of Fear is missing one episode which has been recreated using stills and storyboards, enough to release the series to the public.

Starting October 11th at midnight, the episodes will be available on iTunes for download. For those who want something more tactile, BBC Worldwide will also start pre-orders for both series on DVD (though the BBC store was down at the time this article was being written), to be shipped later this year.

This is very exciting for us Who fans, though we always wish we could have more. This drops the number of Doctor Who episodes MIA to 97, and now I have to wrestle with the geek fanboi in my head who is desperately trying to convince me to update my long since lapsed credit card information on iTunes…

Read our original rumor post for this story after the jump.

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Just For Fun: 1 hour 40 minutes of the Enterprise warp core sound effect

enterprise engineering warp coreIs this ridiculous? You bet.

But I am one of those people who can have trouble falling asleep without a little white noise. SoundCloud user vi5in has cobbled together a little over an hour and forty minutes of warp core deliciousness to help drone out any sleep distracting audio elements in your immediate environment.

There’s something extra special about letting your geek flag fly even when you’re asleep…


Tesla working towards self-driving cars by 2017

model-s-blue-front2_960x640Sign me up. I’m sold. I used to love hitting the open road, but after living in LA for a couple years I’m done. All the wasted time sitting in zombifying traffic I could be spending on ANYTHING ELSE. There’s no more romance for me. The car is no longer a gadget I cherish, but a necessary evil.

Unless of course I no longer had to drive it myself anymore.

The dream of science fiction robot taxis is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality, and geek sweetheart Tesla is getting into the game. Joining companies like Google, CEO Elon Musk is promising “auto-pilot” features on Tesla automobiles in 3-4 years. Color me stoked!

Four years is a tremendously fast time table to get functionality like this tested and refined for general use, but Musk has demonstrated a unique drive in getting ambitious projects off the ground, and we can always hope that at some point, rather than having multiple companies producing competing systems, they might at some point pool their resources to provide true standards to the public.

In addition to freeing me up to utilize my commute more effectively, this could also help to curb the problems we face with distracted driving. It’s a win-win all around.

(via Reuters)

Second successful flight for Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo!

SpaceShipTwo_technical_diagramVirgin Galactic looks to be on track to deliver commercial space flight next year!

SpaceShipTwo completed its second test flight today at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California. The little spaceship which could was ferried up to 40,000 feet where it’s boosters took over and it climbed to 69,000 feet and hit a top speed of Mach 1.4. Seriously impressive numbers for a commercial craft.

Hit the video below for some “science fiction becoming reality”.