#CES2014: UPDATED – Pebble Stepping up with Pebble Steel, Classier, Slimmer, Gorilla Glass


***Now with more pics of Pebble Steel!***

Wearables are hot at CES, and few have as much of a lead as the Pebble. With its quirky charm and developer support, there’s a lot of mind share for this little Kickstarter success story.

Now they’re refining their magic formula with Pebble Steel. Everything we’ve enjoyed is still on board, like the terrific ePaper display and app support. Now though we have a sexier, slimmer frame, in Black Matte or Brushed Stainless. Gorilla Glass will protect your display, and you’ll receive metal and leather straps in the box. It’ll also launch with Pebble

The price bumps up to $249, which even for the nicer premium experience, is still undercutting a lot of the smartwatch market.  Full PR below.

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First Impressions: The Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch with Mirasol Display

qualcomm toq box smartwatch wireless charge cradle review somegadgetguyIt’s in my hands!

One of the gadgets I’ve been most excited about this year is finally here! Qualcomm is delivering a really interesting smart watch solution, with a fantastic display. Also exciting, as this is the first product from Qualcomm where they’re trying to speak directly to consumers.

I’ve barely gotten it out of the shipping box, but let’s take a look at this sexy little piece, some of the set up, and a run down on the feature set!

Shop for the Qualcom Toq.

Qualcomm Toq in the SomeGadgetGuy Offices! First Impressions Video coming soon!

6tag_171213-113532 (1)I normally don’t pre-announce my videos and reviews, but I’m too excited not to share this one!

The Qualcomm Toq is on my wrist, and I’m super stoked to break it in and share my experiences using it. Part of why I’m excited is in watching a company like Qualcomm make such a direct move to interact with customers directly. Chances are your phone or tablet is using SOMETHING built by Qualcomm, but they don’t have a lot of consumer mind share.

Toq aims to change that.

My first impressions video will be posted tomorrow! Spoiler Alert: this thing is one sexy piece of smartwatch.


PSA: Qualcomm’s Toq Smartwatch available Dec. 2nd for $349.99

qualcomm toq smartwatch faceThe smartwatch market is growing ridiculously quickly. From early novelty with niche players to seeing big boys like Samsung enter the field. We can’t go a week without another Apple or Google smartwatch rumor. Qualcomm’s entry into this field is particularly exciting as it marks their first direct-to-consumer endeavor.

If you know about Qualcomm, it’s likely because you know what kind of processor is in your phone. They aim to change that relationship with Toq, their first smartwatch, which we covered following the announcement back in September. While the watch looked cool, and we were happy to hear about broad phone compatibility, we didn’t have a release date or pricing information. Now we have both.

Toq will be available JUST in time for the holiday gift buying season, and starting December 2nd you’ll be able to pick one up for $349.99. As the Galaxy Gear will only work with select Samsung phones, Toq could be an interesting alternative for those wanting a bleeding-edge smart experience strapped to their wrist. We’ll find out more early next month!

You can find out more info on Toq at: http://toq.qualcomm.com/

Qualcomm Toq Competes For Your Smartwatch Affection
New Qualcomm Radio Power Management Means More Run Time, Less Heat

Samsung confirms future Galaxy Gear compatibility with Note 2, GSIII, and GS4

29 gearThe Galaxy Gear has garnered a lot of attention for smartwatches, but the fact that it’s only currently compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 is a little limiting. Samsung officially announced today that they’ll be expanding the line up of phones that can talk to Gear.

Posted on Samsung’s Google Plus profile:

Today we’re announcing that the #GALAXYGear will be compatible with the #GALAXYS4 , #GALAXYSIII and #GALAXYNoteII via the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update starting this month. In addition, the GALAXY S4 Mini, S4 Active, Mega 5.8, Mega 6.3 and S4 Zoom will also support the GALAXY Gear through a separate software update at the end of October.

Of course you have to filter updates through carriers too, but hopefully this means if you’re using one of the above phones and were thinking of trying Gear, your wait wont be much longer.

(via Samsung G+)

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Smartwatch…

29 gearA casual chat with you fine folks, sharing my experiences using a couple different smartwatches.

I think there’s something interesting happening with consumer markets and wearable computing. It should be clear by now that I’m something of an activist for being a more responsible tech citizen. Not only to better protect people from careless behavior like watching movies on your tablet while driving, but also to improve our social interactions both digital and AFK. Our smartphones empower us, but they can also shield and block us from the world immediately in front of us.

What are your thoughts about strapping notifications and communication gear to your wrist?

PSA: AT&T now taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

29 gearWe’re you hoping to be the first cool kid on your block to rock some Dick Tracy style smartphone wrist action?

AT&T is now taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Gear, so you best get while the getting’s good. I don’t know exactly what that last sentence means, but continuing to read this is wasting precious time better spent on setting up your pre-order.

Expect to drop $299 on Galaxy Gear, and it should arrive sometime in October… Probably around the time the Note 3 drops… Because synergy. Yeah!

(via AT&T)

Get to know the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 intimately. Samsung posts in depth intro video. UPDATED with 18 minute Galaxy Gear Video!

17 action menuYeah. Some hot, sweet, S-Pen action!

Sammy’s Youtube channel just posted this six and a half minute long video introducing the Galaxy Note 3, and spending some time walking around all the new features.

The video details the new design, the updated hardware, and then showcases some of the new quick control actions like Air Command and Action Memo. If you’ve been curious about what the Note 3 has to offer, this video should answer a lot of questions.

Click here for our full coverage of Samsung Unpacked from Berlin!


Wow Samsung! Get a room for those two!

Not to be outdone by themselves, or anyone else on the internet reviewing tech, they just dropped this EIGHTEEN minute video showing of the combo of Galaxy Gear + Galaxy Note 3. Geez… I guess  I don’t even need to bother reviewing this stuff anymore…