Snapchat stock tanks – Can smaller services compete?


Can smaller services compete against juggernauts like Facebook? Snap’s stock took a tumble. Built on “cool”, how can this service transition to monetizing without alienating users?

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Snapchat Lawyers Contact Rudy Huyn to Remove 6Discover from Windows Phone App Store

6discover snapchat icon windows phoneWe only just posted our review of 6Discover this afternoon, and it would seem Snapchat’s lawyers were already drafting a letter to Developer Rudy Huyn asking him to remove the app from the Windows Phone app store.

The 6Discover devloper tweeted to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel early today.

Snapchat recently started aggressively policing 3rd party apps over privacy concerns, that some apps could intercept images which were meant to be disposable. This has been supremely frustrating for Windows Phone users however as Snapchat still has not developed a native client for Microsoft’s OS.

6Discover was meant to interact with one specific aspect of the Snapchat service, media and news distribution, and while Rudy Huyn is correct that his app likely does not interact with any sensitive or private user information, but he might be underestimating the nature of the licensing agreements that Snaphat had other companies sign in order to participate.

I wouldn’t expect 6Discover to remain available for long.

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