Gaming Headset Battle: Hyper X Cloud II vs Creative Evo ZXR with Trisha Hershberger

I focus a bit more on traditional headphones and monitors, so when Trisha Hershberger stopped by my office with a pair of gaming headsets, it was a fun experiment for me to compare two different headset solutions from Kingston and Creative.

Hyper X Cloud II or Creative Evo ZXR? Let’s BATTLE!

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“USB” is NOT a Type of Microphone: A Guide for Podcasting and Home Recording

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all “nice microphone“. There are different types of mics for different types of recording jobs. If you’re looking at podcasting, spoken word, interviews, or voice over recording, here’s a quick primer on some of the microphones you might want to consider!

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Sennheiser ClipMic Digital Lav Microphone for iPhone and iPad Review

Pretty video isn’t much fun to watch if your audio is terrible. Sennheiser has partnered with Apogee to bring their popular professional ME2 Lav Microphone to iOS devices. How does it sound? Let’s take a listen!

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Amplifon project allows you to hear “The Sounds of Street View” on Google Maps

Google Maps Street View is the go to application for getting a look at an area from a pedestrian perspective. While that kind of mapping and visual location data is handy, Amplifon thinks they can improve the experience by adding sound.

The Sounds of Street View is a project designed to provide a 3D soundscape of an area to correspond with popular search locations on Google Maps. Wearing headphones gives one the sense of being surrounded by the area’s audio, and panning around the scene will change the “focus” of the audio as well.

Playing around with some of the sample locations, the loops used were fairly short. Kids giggling in one area started to sound REALLY creepy with the short mechanical repetition for example, but it was an interesting way to augment the “feel” of looking at a Street View scene.

Amplifon is making a developer framework available, which will allow others to create their own 3D audio samples. You can read more on the project at the Amplifon website, or see their teaser video below.

Your Podcast Audio SUCKS! Here are some pro tips to make it a little better…

I work in voice over and spoken word recording, and it’s kinda killing me how many people are still pumping out bad audio for their podcasts.

With all of the radical improvements in our technology, it really does drive home the point that nicer equipment doesn’t guarantee better results. If you’re wanting to produce more professional sounding audio, you’re still going to have to learn the basics of how recording works.

So, in true internet geek fashion, allow me to insult you for a bit while we take a look at some tips to improve your home recording.