Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A with QHD Screen Officially Headed for Korea

galaxy-s5-lte-aFollowing LG’s¬† release of the G3 with a QHD screen, the rumor mill has been cranking on what Samsung’s response might be. It doesn’t look like this is the mythical Galaxy F or S5 Prime, but it could be an indication of where Sammy might go with a beefier Galaxy.

Maintaining the same waterproof body as the “normal” GS5, the LTE-A variant will come with a 2560×1440 resolution screen (QHD) powered by a Qualcomm 805 Quad-Core processor, 3GB of RAM (up one gig from the stock GS5), and will pack 32GB of storage with a MicroSD card slot. Of course the most exciting element of this refresh is the hyper-fast LTE radio capable of connecting to Korean networks with download speeds topping out at 225Mbps. Sure puts our “Super-Fast” Time Warner Cable connection into stark perspective when they start bragging about “50 megs innernet” in my area… Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A with QHD Screen Officially Headed for Korea”

Rumor: Samsung to release Galaxy Note 12 by years end?

move player net galaxy note 12 rumor renderComing out of South Korea, courtesy of, are reports of a leaked image of what could be a Galaxy Note 12. Now I’m not entirely sold on the idea of large tablets. Even at a fairly reasonable ten inches, larger tablets often become home convenience items. Gadgets used in comfort and safety, but rarely leaving the house.

What worries me even more is Samsung’s insistence on including hardware control buttons. On phones I think they’re great (if you include a menu key HTC), but even on a smaller tab like the Galaxy Note 8, they often felt like they were in the way, especially using the tab in landscape. This render shows those buttons below the screen in landscape. I’m not sold on that. I’d prefer Samsung use on-screen controls like the Nexus tablets so those controls move with the orientation of the screen.

Lastly, twelve inches doesn’t sound remarkably big, but that screen size can be somewhat cumbersome to hold. Discussing this rumor on Youtube, I demonstrated the difference between an iPad and my Lenovo Twist, a laptop which screen-swivels into a 12.5″ slate.

Rumors point to a 2560×1600 resolution display, which should look gorgeous on a screen this size. We’re all used to wimpy Ultrabook and Macbook Air low res displays around 13″. Plus since it’s called a “Note” we should see support for S-Pen. ¬†Besides that we don’t really know much else about it.

If this is released it could be a really interesting, dare I say audacious, device, but I’ll be really curious to see how it performs out in the wild… Of my living room… because I’d probably never want to leave the house with it…

(via GSM Arena, Pic courtesy