App: Review Hyperlapse Mobile for Windows Phone and Android – Plus iOS Instagram Comparison

Microsoft Research has delivered mobile and desktop apps to help us smooth out video and create dynamic timelapse projects with fluid movement. Let’s take a look at Hyperlapse Mobile, and how it compares to Instagram’s Hyperlapse app for iOS!

More info on Hyperlapse (Microsoft Research).

Samsung Responds to SquareTrade “Bendgate” Galaxy S6 Edge Video

Recently, gadget insurance company SquareTrade made some waves showing off a stress test of the Galaxy S6 Edge, claiming it had bending issues similar to the iPhone 6 Plus, and that it wasn’t as “bend resistant” as the HTC One M9.

Samsung today replied with a video showing how they test the durability of their phones, comparing it to the amount of force necessary to snap five pencils.

While a three point test is certainly dramatic, what’s concerned me about phone durability, since the release of the iPhone 6, has been deformation over time, especially uber-thin phones utilizing aluminum shells.

It’s all well and good that a phone can bounce back from one brief instance of extreme force, but how does it hold up to months of lower pressure “influence” exerted by pockets and the contours of the human body. In that regard, having a glass back plate might actually be a benefit, and we’ve seen (anecdotally) that the Gorilla Glass 4 shell seems pretty durable.

Does this response from Samsung assuage your concerns over claims of another “Bendgate”? Drop us a comment, and you can read Samsung’s full response below.

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Is the Back Glass on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Indestructible?

SM-G920F_002_Back_White_PearlObviously the answer to the question posed in the title of this blog post is “No”. Shame on you for clicking on link bait.

However, this Korean video shows the GS6 surviving some pretty incredible intentional damage. I would never have handled an iPhone 4 or Nexus like this.

It should go without saying however, that regardless how durable a phone might be built, if you intentionally try to damage it, eventually you will succeed. Still, this is better survivability than I would have assumed.

Smartphone Camera Test: Blackberry Classic on AT&T – Real World HD Video Benchmarks

This is the first Blackberry I’ve used in YEARS, and while I was a big fan of their messaging services, the smartphone arena has become very competitive with some fantastic camera options. Let’s see how Blackberry’s mid-range, throw-back designed Classic performs in our real-world video benchmarks!

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SomeGadgetGuy Youtube 360 Degree Video Test Shot on Kodak PixPro SP360!

You can now upload 360 degree video to Youtube! This will be amazing for Google Cardboard and VR headsets, but even viewing it on a phone or in a browser, it’s a really immersive way to interact with content!

Here’s a quick tour of my completely trashed office shot on the Kodak Pixpro SP360! Make sure to view this in Google Chrome or through the Android Youtube App, otherwise you’ll just see a regular wide angle video.

Shop the SP360 on Amazon.
Kodak SP360 Review.
More SP360 Video Samples.
Raw “square” video from the SP360.

4K Smartphone Camera Test: Real-World UHD Samples from the Lumia Icon/930 (Lumia Denim)

It’s ABOUT DAMN TIME a Lumia phone in the USA got the Denim update, but now we can FINALLY take a look at the 4K video quality on the Lumia 930 (Icon)! Here’s the MOST comprehensive review available on the internet!

Note 4 UHD Camera Test.
LG G3 UHD Camera Test.
iPhone 6+ HD Camera Test.

Viewer Question: Why not compare multiple phones in our speaker tests?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions on why I do my speaker tests the way I do, like this query from Youtube viewer Faddli who on my Lumia 830 speaker test asked:

Great video. My suggestion is to compare it with other smartphones (3-4 other smartphones), then the viewer can at least guess whether it has awesome/good/decent/bad/$h!t speaker.

Hey Faddli, thanks for the suggestion. Couple things about how I do these speaker reviews.

First, if the speaker sounds good in the video, then it probably sounds good in real life. It’s why I don’t talk over or give a conclusion at the end of these videos. What makes a piece of audio gear “good” can be highly subjective. I want the speakers to speak for themselves. Continue reading “Viewer Question: Why not compare multiple phones in our speaker tests?”

Smartphone Speaker Test: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on AT&T (Movie and Music Playback Samples)

The Note series have always boast “BIG” specs, and the Note 4 is no exception. With all of the space to cram in high end guts, how has the speaker fared? Let’s take a listen!

Compare the Note 4 speaker to the iPhone 6+ and the HTC One M8.
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