Timex Unveils IRONMAN ONE GPS+ Smartwatch

Timex took the wraps off of their new fitness focused smartwatch.

TW5K88800Built on a partnership with AT&T and Qualcomm, the ONE GPS+ uses the incredible screen from the Toq for low battery usage and direct sunlight view-ability.

In addition to the Mirasol display, the watch also comes with 4GB of storage and Bluetooth for music playback, GPS for location and fitness tracking, and a 3G phone connection for messaging and a pretty neat SOS feature.

For many people, exercising with a phone is becoming a necessity as that’s where all your entertainment and communications capabilities are stored. The idea that you could leave with just a watch, not worry about sweat-soaking your phone, and still have the basics covered is pretty exciting.

The ONE GPS+ is currently in pre-sale on the Timex site for $400 or $450 with a built in heart rate monitor.

The Problem With Android Wear Watch Screens

Wearable tech will be hot. The smartphone market is maturing and starting to plateau, so manufacturers are pushing into new territories to expand on our relationships with data and services. Google’s Android Wear platform is an excellent step in the right direction to legitimize this new market segment.

It does suffer from one fatal flaw however: Battery life. 

pebble smartwatch review somegadgetguy direct sunlightPlaying with several different solutions for wrist computing, my favorite so far are the watches that can best replicate the experience found on traditional time pieces. Namely a screen that can always be referenced for small pieces of information no matter what orientation it’s worn, not depending on any gestures to activate it. I mentioned as much in my last FFC VLOG.

Of course in technology land, compromises have to be made. If you want crazy new features, you have to accept some new limitations.  Continue reading “The Problem With Android Wear Watch Screens”

Qualcomm adds Stopwatch to Toq Smartwatch

qualcomm toq activity tracker update smartwatchIt’s a simple update, but it’s nice to see a company committed to improving their product.

Rolled out this afternoon Toq owners found a new little applet which provides a simple stopwatch and lap timer. It’s one of those things which probably should’ve been included from the beginning, but better late than never.

While it’ll never unseat dedicated fitness trackers, the Toq is shaping up to be one of the better smartwatches for active folks, thanks in part to the screen which is visible in direct sunlight, and these most recent software updates.

If you’re rocking a Toq, check out Google Play to see if you’ve got the update yet, and you can see the watch in action below.

UPDATED with Video! Qualcomm Enables Speech to Text on Toq Smartwatch

Qualcomm has pushed the update out! Let’s go hands on with the Toq’s newly added Speech to Text app!


qualcomm toq speech to text teaser videoQualcomm just keeps delivering on their Toq platform.

I had no idea the watch had an accelerometer built in, but a recent update included fitness tracking. Now it seems there’s a mic built into the wearable which just hasn’t been activated yet.

Teased in this Youtube video, speech to text is coming built on the Nuance recognition engine which also powers Siri. The system works server side, so your phone will need to have an active data connection. Continue reading “UPDATED with Video! Qualcomm Enables Speech to Text on Toq Smartwatch”

Qualcomm Toq update improves fitness tracking and notifications

qualcomm toq activity tracker update smartwatchToq owners should see a new update for the smartwatch and companion app. I normally wouldn’t write up a .1 update, but Qualcomm is quickly refining the Toq experience.

Toq software update 1.4 brings a couple new watch faces while polishing up the notifications and activity tracker. You can now see the last five text messages in the watch’s history. Also the fitness tracking has been expanded with better charts for visualizing your progress. You can also set goals for yourself in the Android app, and the watch will show you your progress.

The whole Toq experience is getting cleaner while providing more functionality, and now we’re just waiting out more 3rd party app support. We’ve already seen Toq added to the list of supported watches by Augmented SmartWatch Pro, which adds even more notification customization and support for Fitbit and Withings.

Nice little bit of progress for Qualcomm’s smartwatch tech test bed.  Continue reading “Qualcomm Toq update improves fitness tracking and notifications”

Qualcomm Reduces Price of Toq Smart watch to $249.99

qualcomm toq box smartwatch wireless charge cradle review somegadgetguyWe’re fans of the Toq here at SGG, but the price tag has certainly been a barrier for many looking to take the smartwatch plunge.

Well it looks like Qualcomm is addressing that concern by quietly slashing $100 off the price. You can now grab the Toq and its incredible outdoor viewable display for $249.99, bringing it right in line with the Pebble Steel. Not bad at all for a color touchscreen, wireless charging, and five day battery life. The recently announced SDK might mean we’ll soon see more apps for the Toq ecosystem.

Shop for the Qualcomm Toq, or read through our Toq coverage with reviews and updates!

Qualcomm Toq update points to 3rd party App support. SDK Available!

Qualcomm Toq More Applets Screenshot SomeGadgetGuySo this might be the most boring screenshot I’ve ever posted on SGG, but if you’re playing with a Toq, there’s a lot of potential for excitement.

The Toq is my personal favorite smartwatch, but it’s been difficult to recommend people pick one up, as the selection of applets is fairly limited. That changed yesterday!

A new update was pushed to the Toq adding a menu option called “More Applets”, and within that menu you’ll be able to see which apps on your phone are compatible with your Toq. Right now that number is zero, but Qualcomm has also finally released their SDK. Now app developers will have the tools to properly develop services for this wearable.

It’s been an exciting ride. Only a week ago, we got an unlocked accelerometer that most of us didn’t know was even built into the watch. Hopefully we’ll see new services pop up quickly!

Qualcomm Toq SDK Press Release

Toq unboxing, setup, and first impressions!
Toq Update – six day battery life!
qualcomm toq box smartwatch wireless charge cradle review somegadgetguy

Qualcomm Toq Update: Activity and Fitness Tracking Applet!

Qualcomm is teaching their Toq smartwatch a new trick!

I was really happy to see this, as I wasn’t completely sure if the Toq even had an accelerometer built into, but apparently it does, and this newest software update has unlocked activity tracking. It’s SUPER beta, but let’s take a look!

Continue reading “Qualcomm Toq Update: Activity and Fitness Tracking Applet!”