Samsung Donates $50,000 to LA Habitat for Humanity at #DITCHtheDSLR Event in Hollywood

I finally said goodbye to my old Canon Rebel. Samsung made the pain of giving it away easier by allowing me to trade it in for a new NX30 mirrorless camera. The event in Hollywood also featured a Guinness World Record selfie chain, and showcased Samsung’s charitable side with a $50,000 donation to the LA chapter of Habitat for Humanity!

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Following iPhone 6 Announcement, AT&T Offering up to $300 for Trading in Your Old iPhone

iphone 6 iphone 6 plus apple homescreen somegadgetguyAT&T is price warring with its competition, and all four carriers are building up for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus push. For those looking to save a little extra cash on their new iPhone purchase, Big Blue will give you cash for turning in your old iPhone.

Starting now and running through the end of this month, you can get up to $300 back for trading in an iPhone 5S and up a minimum of $200 back for trading in an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, or 5C. It’s a convenient way to cut your bill down, and can be paired with other promotions or AT&T Next.

Full AT&T PR below.

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Best Buy and Microsoft REALLY want you to stop using Windows XP

windows xp microsoft trade in creditNo really. You HAVE to let go of Windows XP. It’s time.

Support for XP is really ending, for real, we mean it this time. You’re off the reservation, no more updates. Those who write malware will be able to find exploits to damage your system.

To ease the transition both Microsoft and Best Buy are offering up $100 trade in to give up your older XP system and move up to a shinier new system. I’m sure both companies would prefer you take the plunge on a Windows 8 machine.

Microsoft’s trade in deal is already live, and Best Buy should be unveiling theirs over the weekend. Let’s get a move on people. Windows XP is almost thirteen years old. We’ve moved on from there…

Microsoft Offering Free Nokia Lumia 1020 or 1520 with iPhone 4 or Galaxy S2 Trade in!

lumia 1520 1020 trade in your iphone 4 or galaxy s2 microsoftHere’s the scoop.

Trade in an iPhone 4, 4S, or a Galaxy S2 in good working condition.
Sign up for a new two year agreement on AT&T.
Walk out with either a Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520 for free.

But seriously, if you were shopping a new phone, and were considering a Windows Phone, you can pick between the best smartphone camera on the market, or one of the best phablets available. All you have to do is turn over a phone which was likely destined for a recycling center.

Full details on the Microsoft Offers page!

nokia lumia 1020 pureview camera test video samples somegadgetguy

(via Baran Gercek, Analie Cruz)

AT&T offers minimum $100 trade in for your old phone, or donate to Cell Phones for Soldiers

ATT logoRunning now through December 7th, customers on Big Blue can knock AT LEAST $100 off a new phone purchased on a two year contract by handing off their qualified old phone.

If your phone is worth more, you’ll get more for it, and that’ll cut the price of your new phone purchase. Not a bad way to encourage more recycling, and I’m all for rewarding that behavior. You’ll always want to check what your phone is worth on the open market however, as you might be able to score more cash through online auction or other trade in services. If convenience is your jam though, AT&T will help you keep everything in house and easy.

I’d also like my fine readers to consider not accepting the cash. If you were shopping a new phone, you can apply your trade in credit towards a new purchase, or you can opt out and AT&T will donate those funds to Cell Phones for Soldiers. This time of year, these types of devices can be invaluable in keeping our service men and women connected to their families. If you have the means, your old phone could be a small but welcome help to a family separated this holiday season.

Full PR after the jump.

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Microsoft offering minimum $200 trade in for your iPhone towards cost of a new Windows Phone

iphone trade in windows phone microsoftCan’t fault them for trying.

Similar to their iPad trade in, if you’re carrying an iPhone, but you’re really curious to see how the other side lives, Microsoft is offering a minimum trade in of $200 for your “gently used” iPhone 4S or newer handset. Those folks I saw at Social Media Week rocking smashed iPhones need not apply (but seriously, how do people use phones like that without slicing their thumbs open).

While this promotional offer is ¬†surely convenient, you’re apt to do better on the open market. The iPhone 4S is currently selling for around $250 on ebay, and if you throw in those accessories you don’t need anymore, like cases and old dock connector cables, some are even hitting $300.

Still, if this is your jam, the offer is good until November 3rd.

Microsoft iPhone Trade In Offer