SomeGadgetGuy Travel Vlog: Day 2 – How to RUIN a Press Event (Shot on LG V30)

I can finally tell you all that I’m using the LG V30 as my vlogging camera. I may have found my phone of the year, but of course, someone had to ruin my view at the LG press event… Sigh…

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SomeGadgetGuy Travel Vlog: Day One – Flying to Berlin (Shot on LG V30)

Up, up, and away! It’s a long trip, but Berlin is a hell of a town. Heading out to cover IFA 2017, play with some cool new gadgets, but I have to get there first. Man I wish I could sleep on airplanes…

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The Best Bag for Your Trip? Travel Tech Prep!

Picking a bag, backpack, or purse can make or break your trip. Thankfully more fashion brands are considering the technology we need to carry with us, and what kinds of pockets or pouches we might need for phones, tablets, laptops, batteries, and other electronics. Here are some quick tips on choosing the right pack for your adventure!

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Need a Power Adapter to Charge Your Phone Overseas? Travel Tech Prep!

How do you charge your phone or laptop overseas? When flying from the United States to Europe, the voltage from electrical sockets changes. Do you need an adapter? A step down converter? Should you buy a local phone charger? Let’s take a look at how you can power your tech in another country!


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Travel Tech Prep: The Best Battery for Your Trip?

Alternate title: WATT to look for when buying a battery. The best battery for your adventure? Technology is a crucial aspect to travel these days. We can barely survive a day without our phones, but if you’re in a foreign country, it’s even more difficult to get around if your phone is dead. Here a couple quick tips on how to shop for a good travel battery. Make sure you don’t get stranded! Pack MOAR POWER!

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NutSac | Sac Daddy, A Messenger Style Man Bag Made In The USA (Review) – TK Bay


If you have a 15″ laptop, NutSac has you covered. The Sac Daddy is styled like our popular Satchel bags and has an open back magazine pocket, a padded back panel (to provide stiffness and structure), and a leather shoulder pad. Front flap magnets and leather strap closure keep the bag looking neat and sharp.
The Sac Daddy easily fits larger laptops like the MacBook Pro 15.



360VLOG in Times Square: Galaxy S8 Reactions, and the New Gear 360

We’re hard at working wrapping up our event coverage from Samsung UnPacked. We’ve got a collection of videos featuring the Galaxy S8 over on Pocketnow, but we also got a handy little 360 camera to play with. Here’s my first vlog from the NEW Gear 360!

I wrote a book! If you want to take your smartphone photography and video skills up a notch, you’ll want to read my book! ‘Take Better Photos: Smartphone Photography for Noobs!’ is now available –

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SomeGadgetGuy in NYC! Let’s Talk New Microsoft Hardware!

I’ve been blasting it all over social media. While I’m trying to keep my expectations in check, I’m really looking forward to Microsoft’s announcements tomorrow, where the company is expected to take the wraps off of a new Surface Pro, and where we fans of Windows powered phones will finally get some new flagship devices.

lumia 950 leaked photo

Specs have already leaked for the forthcoming Lumia 950 and 950XL, and from a hardware perspective they look like they’ll be competitive handsets with some novel new tech features.

Most interesting to me, will be how this Lumia team has refined the camera experience. It was the old Nokia devices group that ushered in an era of crazy high quality optics and larger sensors on our phones. Nokia was years ahead of the curve there, but manufacturers like LG and Samsung have largely caught up to older devices like the Lumia 1520 and 930 (which I’ve brought along to help cover this event).

lumia 1520 and 930

For my money, the camera battle between the Lumia 950 and the LG V10 is shaping up to be the most brutal as LG is working on improving their audio, and providing manual controls for shooting video, both areas where older Windows Phones still compete really well.

I’m also very curious to see how Microsoft will address mobile security. More Android devices are following behind the iPhone in offering up a smooth fingerprint scanning solution for unlocking phones and initiating mobile payments. The rumors on the 950 don’t show a fingerprint scanner on board, but instead the Lumia will be offering up an iris scanner. While other phones have flirted with using the front camera to unlock a device based on your face, we haven’t yet heard of anything as sophisticated as examining the iris of your eye. Whether this will be used solely for unlocking the device, or if we’ll see it utilized for some form of mobile payments will be closely examined.

And of course, I’m always going to be interested in seeing what Microsoft does with the Surface. As this division has become a billion dollar brand all by itself, the Pro 3 was a very well received product. Will the Pro 4 be a spec bump and minor refinement, or does Microsoft have something craftier up their sleeves?

I’ve only been on the ground here in NYC for about an hour, and we’ll be getting the official answer to all of those questions tomorrow morning! Now I’ve got to hunt down a good slice of pizza!