How to Add Storage and Move Files on Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung abandoned memory cards on the Galaxy S6, so while it has a fantastic camera, you can fill up that storage pretty quick with UHD video. Thankfully with USB host capabilities we have a couple options available to handle file management. Here are the two solutions I’m currently using on my GS6!

Leef MicroSD Card Reader Review.
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Review: Leef Access – MicroSD Memory Card Reader for Android!

I love little gadgets like this.

I’m a stickler for file management. I like controlling everything about what files and media are on my various devices, where they live, and who I can share those files with. Leef has a handy little MicroUSB adapter which allows you to swap memory cards even easier! Even if your phone doesn’t have an SD card slot…

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Video Tip: The Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet and USB Host Support

nokia lumia 2520 tablet usb otg host adapterNokia made an odd design choice putting a Micro USB 3.0 connector on the Lumia 2520, but we’re still able to use USB peripherals and even our old USB 2.0 OTG adapters! Connect flash drives, or even USB microphones.

Let’s take a look!

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Want to use a Flash Drive on a phone or tablet? Sony launches drive with full sized and Micro USB connectors!

Sony-2-in-1-USB-open-1024x866This one’s pretty much for the Android users.

Did you know that most modern Android Phones support USB host to some degree? That means you can often connect low power USB devices to your phone or tablet, and the device will recognize them. Does your phone lack a MicroSD? You can probably augment your storage with a USB Flash Drive. Of course this often means have to keep track of an adapter cable, one that will convert your phone’s Micro USB port into a full sized USB port.

Sony’s new 2-in-1 drive offers up a potential solution for this issue. With a full sized USB 2 jack on one side and a Micro USB on the other. This should make sneaker-netting your files between computer and mobile device much easier. While Cloud Storage can help expand our gadget’s capabilities, sometimes it’s just faster and easier to go old school Plug & Play.

Sony says the device will work on most Android devices starting with Android 4.0.3 and newer. Prices start at $20 for an 8GB drive and scale up to $63 for 32GB. Drives should be available starting January 2014.

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