Friday Fun: Live Action 1st Person Shooter Played on Chatroulette!

chatroulette first person shooterThis is an incredible project.

The team at RealmPictures created a live action first person shooter with graphics, a Duke Nukem voice for the main character, hordes of zombies, weapon upgrades, and a killer boss battle.  All of this streaming live, with game play controlled via random strangers shouting commands on Chatroulette.

It looks like this would have been a really fun project to work on, and the responses from people playing are hilarious.

Where’s My Water 2 available on Windows Phone 8 – Free

wheres my water 2 windows phone 8 somegadgetguyAnd before Android no less.

If you have a hankering for providing friendly gators more water to bathe themselves with, Disney has just the app for you!

But seriously, I found the first Where’s My Water, and the spin off Where’s My Perry, to be addictive puzzle games nearly on the same level as that first time you picked up Angry Birds. I just installed the sequel, and I’m guessing I’ll kill my Lumia 1020‘s battery at least once this weekend from playing it.

Get it while it’s hot! Then douse water on it!

Where’s My Water 2 (WP8 App Store)