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Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch Available Today on Google Play

android wear smartwatch releasedWe’ll have to wait another month for the gorgeous circular Moto 360 smartwatch, but if you’re jonesing for some Android Wear action Samsung and LG will have you covered starting today!

Featuring an always-on display which provides contextually aware information relevant in that moment or location, Android Wear will be the backbone OS for a number of manufacturers looking at Smartwatches.

A full developer SDK will also be available today allowing future apps and services to feed info to your wrist. As apps are installed on your phone, if they have a Wear component, your watch will automatically update with an applet and interact with that service on your phone.

We’re waiting for the Google Play store to get updated with the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, so make sure you melt down Google’s servers by smashing your F5 button.

Will We See the LG G Watch on May 27?

lg g watchWith another video teaser released, LG has lit up the rumors on whether we’ll see the recently announced G Watch make an appearance alongside the LG G3.

Touting long battery life and a waterproof build, the video wraps with a “Powered By Android Wear” banner, a sign of Google’s involvement in branding the software experience for future compatible wearables.

What do you think? Will this be a package deal, or will LG slow play to prevent their next flagship phone from getting upstaged? Wild speculation in the comments is encouraged.

Experts Roundtable: Android Wear, Moto 360, and the future of Smartwatches!

A pair of exciting announcements dropped today for wearable computing fans. Google took the wraps off of Android Wear, the OS and UI that will be gracing many a wrist in the future. Motorola quickly followed (or maybe preempted) with the reveal of the Moto 360.

Now that Google has officially joined the smartwatch wars, let’s talk about the future!

I’m joined by a terrific panel of bloggers, so make sure to give them all a follow!

Enobong Etteh – @BooredAtWork – http://booredatwork.com
Andrew Kameka – @AndrewKam – http://MobileBurn.com
Tori Dorsey – @GlassesnGlitter – http://www.glassesandglitter.com/

motorola moto 360 smartwatch teaser announced (1)

Will more attractive frames solve Google’s Glass perception problem?

new google glass titanium framesThey do look better, less sci-fi, more natural.

I think heads up displays are our wearable tech future. After using several fantastic smartwatches, nothing seems to solve the problem of eye-level information like Google Glass. Of course it brings a completely different kind of stigma in that you’re wearing a computer on your face, which really seems to weird people out. A common criticism of Glass is that it looks too geeky, and now it seems Google is taking steps to curb that complaint.

Following their partnership with eye wear designer Warby Parker, Google is piggy-backing on the designer’s Titanium Collection of frames with four new looks for Glass that Google is calling “The Titanium Collection”. Not very original, but Google isn’t known for fashion, so maybe it’s better they leave that job to the pros.

This also marks the beginning of Glass supporting prescription lenses. From the FAQ: “Google is in partnership with VSP Vision Care for VSP members and VSP eye care providers to receive reimbursement on Glass frames up to the frame allowance provided within their current vision benefit. The prescription lenses are also covered under the patients’ lens benefit offering through their VSP coverage.”

See the new frames in this Google promo vid:

This does not change the process by which you go about getting Glass, it’s still a very public BETA, and the Explorer program is still the gateway through which people acquire their own face computer. This is simply another iteration in the design of the heads up display, hopefully making them a bit more socially acceptable for people who are concerned about the design of the original Explorer Edition Glass. Google is pushing into very new territory, and that can make consumers squirrely. Restaurant owners asking Explorers to leave, law enforcement issuing citations for operating motor vehicles with screens visible to the driver, there’s a stigma to this product Google’s going to need to overcome. You know you’re in trouble when The Simpsons dedicates an entire episode to showcasing how socially awkward heads up displays are.

The Explorer program isn’t getting the job done. For as many people who are fantastic ambassadors for this technology, there are just as many Glassholes who taint the product in the minds of people who might be apprehensive about its capabilities and their privacy. Google is still publicly stating “the end of 2014” for the consumer launch of Glass, but they’ve got some significant PR hurdles to clear before then. These new frames at least area  step in the right direction.

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Full Google FAQ below: Continue reading Will more attractive frames solve Google’s Glass perception problem?

1st Impressions: Hands on Pebble Smart Watch and Android App

We’ve played with the Martian. We’ve spent time with the Gear. We detailed the Toq.

Now it’s time to play with everyone’s favorite Kickstarter success sweetheart! Let’s take a look at Pebble, what the software looks like, how the screen responds to sunlight, and being soaked in water!

Is this the solution for wearing your notifications on your wrist?

Shop for Pebble.

#CES2014: UPDATED – Pebble Stepping up with Pebble Steel, Classier, Slimmer, Gorilla Glass


***Now with more pics of Pebble Steel!***

Wearables are hot at CES, and few have as much of a lead as the Pebble. With its quirky charm and developer support, there’s a lot of mind share for this little Kickstarter success story.

Now they’re refining their magic formula with Pebble Steel. Everything we’ve enjoyed is still on board, like the terrific ePaper display and app support. Now though we have a sexier, slimmer frame, in Black Matte or Brushed Stainless. Gorilla Glass will protect your display, and you’ll receive metal and leather straps in the box. It’ll also launch with Pebble

The price bumps up to $249, which even for the nicer premium experience, is still undercutting a lot of the smartwatch market.  Full PR below.

Continue reading #CES2014: UPDATED – Pebble Stepping up with Pebble Steel, Classier, Slimmer, Gorilla Glass

Qualcomm Toq in the SomeGadgetGuy Offices! First Impressions Video coming soon!

6tag_171213-113532 (1)I normally don’t pre-announce my videos and reviews, but I’m too excited not to share this one!

The Qualcomm Toq is on my wrist, and I’m super stoked to break it in and share my experiences using it. Part of why I’m excited is in watching a company like Qualcomm make such a direct move to interact with customers directly. Chances are your phone or tablet is using SOMETHING built by Qualcomm, but they don’t have a lot of consumer mind share.

Toq aims to change that.

My first impressions video will be posted tomorrow! Spoiler Alert: this thing is one sexy piece of smartwatch.


Avegant’s Glyph 3D goggles coming to Kickstarter in January!

Avegant-Glyph-BlackI’d be really happy to see more 3D headsets make their way to consumers faces next year. After playing with Oculus Rift and Sony’s 3D headset, they offer up a unique experience for watching movies and playing games. More competition in this space, especially when we can put pressure on pricing, is great.

Glyph is looking like it could be the more mobile solution for a wearable 3D display. Contrary to others making this comparison, this has nothing to do with heads up displays like Google Glass. With the eye pieces in place, immersion is the name of the game. Why the Glyph might be more portable comes down to their innovate headband design. The screens can swivel up to provide a simpler headphone mode for on the go audio. Swivel the band back down over your eyes, and it should resemble the feeling of sitting in your own private theater.

What’s interesting is watching Avegant get ahead of the social media game, announcing their Kickstarter push nearly a month before the crowd funding goes live. I like watching a company like this get a bit more aggresive in getting their message out, and Glyph looks like it could stir up a little passion in the A/V communities. The Kickstart will launch at $599 with an HDMI/MHL cable and a battery pack.

More info on Glyph: http://www.avegant.com/