Friday Fun: Web Comic Predicts iPad Keyboard Cover THREE Years Ago

Is this how predictable Apple has become?

We geeks like to joke about Apple being around three years behind the tech curve when it comes to new features, but Joel Watson, the author of web comic Hijinks Ensue, might have just proven our hypothesis.

When the Surface was first launched THREE YEARS AGO, and featured  a new kind of keyboard screen cover, Joel drew this comic:

2012-06-19-surface-tensionOf course, what did Apple reveal during their 2015 keynote for the Ipad Pro? This:

Apple keynote wwdc 2015Screenshot (27)_result

JOEL CORRECTLY PREDICTED THE YEAR APPLE WOULD MAKE THIS! He just missed the actual keynote by a couple months as WWDC was back in June. Say what you will about Nerd-Boy Haterade¬©, but Apple’s making it pretty easy to poke fun…

The Oatmeal Web Comic Delivers An In-Depth Review of the Tesla Model S

the oatmeal tesla reviewI honestly didn’t see this one coming. Who knew that one of the most in-depth “real world” reviews of the Tesla Models S would come from an internet cartoonist?

Detailing in infographic form, no part of the car is left unmentioned, and what would normally be droll automotive talk (or lies if you watch Top Gear), is handled with the wit and charm we’ve come to love. Seriously, topics range from acceleration, to battery range, charging solutions, the name of the car, and he even addresses the recent fires.

How does the Model S fare during this extensive road test by what I can only assume is the love child of Danny DeVito and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Read the full report on The Oatmeal.