Lenovo LaVie Z Ultrabook Review: Shockingly Light, Powerful Portable Laptop

It’s insane how light this laptop is. Lenovo and NEC partnered to build a notebook PC with one goal in mind: The World’s Lightest Laptop. No performance compromises as the LaVie Z is packing a Core i7 processor, but did they have to skimp elsewhere? Let’s take a look!

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LaVie Z Speaker Test.
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App Review: Movie Creator Video Editor for Windows Phone – Full Feature Walk Through & Tutorial

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see a full fledged video editor on Windows Phone. Now with some of the best cameras ever bolted onto our smartphones, we now have the ability to cut up high resolution video directly from the phones that shot it. Best of all this app is cross platform for any Windows device with a touch screen.

Here’s our full review, feature walk through, and tutorial of Movie Creator on Windows Phone 8.1! Enjoy!

Movie Creator (BETA) on the Windows App Store.

Microsoft Surface 2 LTE Officially Announced for AT&T


Confirmed from NVIDIA PR, the Surface 2 will continue to use a Tegra 4 chipset paired with the NVIDIA i500 LTE modem.

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microsoft surface 2 LTE on ATT

No big surprise that this guy is on the way, but Microsoft officially took the wraps off of the long rumored Surface 2 tablet with LTE. We now have pricing and availability info.

Headed for AT&T’s LTE network, the Surface 2 LTE is pretty much the same beast we’ve come to know over the last several months, only now you’ll have broadband data anywhere you have 4G reception. It’ll be available starting tomorrow, and will retail for $679. This $230 premium over the base model also includes twice the storage (64GB).  What isn’t explicitly mentioned however, is if Microsoft will be sticking with the Tegra 4 chipset, or the more common Qualcomm 800 which is also utilized in the LTE enabled Nokia Lumia 2520.

Always exciting seeing a few more premium tablet offerings with LTE. Microsoft’s full press release is below.

Nokia Lumia 2520 vs Microsoft Surface 2

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Lenovo Flex 20 Long Term Review: 20″, Battery Powered, Touchscreen Windows 8 All-in-One PC

It’s time for the wrap up! I’ve been using the Lenovo Flex 20 for a couple months, and it’s been an interesting exercise in where the future of home and desktop PC’s might lead us.

Let’s take a look!

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Flex 20 First Impressions.
Flex 20 Speaker Test.

Editorial: HP’s Catastrophic Mistake – Bringing Windows 7 ‘back by popular demand’…

hp-logoHP has a bold new move to spark customer’s interest in PC’s again. They’re going BACKWARDS! That always works! People love a good nostalgia play!

Announced recently on their site and through an email blitz, HP proudly proclaimed they’re “listening to the consumer” and offering up systems running Microsoft’s last popular OS. It’s a desperate move from a company which has been struggling recently to adapt to a post-PC market. The parallels with Blackberry here are astounding. As BB was caught unprepared for consumers buying pretty smartphones, HP hasn’t been able to figure out their offerings in a world where iPads exist.

Pandering to a media narrative which is all too ready to baselessly criticize Windows 8, HP seems to be banking on the technology “hater” market to pull them out of their slump. You know, that group of people who rail against change and spend TONS of money on things like old laptops. That last sentence was sarcasm by the way. Regardless, I’m sure this will prove a winning strategy for the beleaguered tech firm (also sarcasm).

lenovo 2012-13 salesHere’s the fault in their logic. With all the haterade being dumped on Windows 8, You’d think every manufacturer would be in trouble. As a whole the entire industry is down 15-20% depending on who you ask to track the sales. Unfortunately for those taking glee in Microsoft’s stumble, companies like Asus and Lenovo exist, and both are actually improving their sales during this transition which is unprecedented. Built on the backs of innovative and creative design, Lenovo profits over the 2012/13 fiscal year were up almost 18% over the 2011/12 fiscal year. Embracing Windows 8, and providing consumers innovative products at competitive prices, seems to have worked for Lenovo.

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Lenovo CES Assault: Wrapping up with the Thinkpad 8, ThinkVision, and Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Thinkpad 8_Wifi_Win 8_04Ok sure. Lenovo is ramping up their consumer offerings, but I know them as the “Think” company, and they’re always going to get my attention with new pro gear.

Starting small, the Thinkpad 8 is an eight inch 1080p mini-tab powered by an Intel BayTrail Quad Core. Performance should slot in well between ARM powered tablets and low powered Core processors while still offering a full Windows 8 experience. None of the limitations of Windows RT, you get all the new apps and full support for legacy software. As it’s focused towards the business pro on the go, you’ll also be able to sign up LTE and 3G data service (carrier support to be announced. Add in up to 128GB of storage and a max price of $429, and Lenovo will have a handy competitor in the mini-tab arena.

Moving up the food chain, the new X1 Carbon is one of the slimmest ultra-portable on the market. Continue reading “Lenovo CES Assault: Wrapping up with the Thinkpad 8, ThinkVision, and Thinkpad X1 Carbon”

Lenovo CES Assault: C560 All in One Desktop, Y40/50 Workstation Laptop, and Z40/50 Portable

C560 Touch_Black_Standard_07Continuing the Lenovo onslaught, a couple of standard computing solutions.

The C560 is a very clean 1080p 23” all in one powered by a Core i7 and up to 8GB of RAM. It packs a few optional tricks like a multi-touch screen and a TV tuner.

The Z40/50 laptops are powerful, well balanced machines with full HD displays and up to Core i7 processors. NVIDIA graphics should keep you cranking, and you pack the sucker with up to 16GB of RAM. No touchscreen options here, but Lenovo is still including some of their more novel tech like voice commands and facial recognition.

The Y40/50 series lappies takes those same specs from the Z40 and drops in a 4K display for an incredibly high resolution experience. It’s a Retina busting pixel pitch . Pun intended. Combined with a new, edgier looking build (pic below), and it looks like it could be a really solid buy for a power user.

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Lenovo CES Assault: Desktops – Windows A740 & Horizon 2, Android N308, and Beacon Home Cloud Storage

A740_01Lenovo is leading the charge on redefining the home computing experience with a trio of large touchscreened solutions.

On the Windows front, the A740 Touh All in One features a 27” screen with up to 2560×1600 resolution powered by an Intel Core i7, up to 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA graphics, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 AC, NFC, and Dolby Home Theater certified JBL speakers. The Stand features the handy trick of swiveling to lay the computer completely flat, allowing it to act as a table top computer.

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