Long Term Review: Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Zee Germans Do It Again!

How do you make the excellent Momentum headphones better? Make them wireless! These beautiful headphones from Sennheiser rock a timeless design, with durable build quality, and cutting edge technology! Let’s take a look (and a listen)!

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Review: GGMM M-Show Bluetooth Speaker and Tablet Dock

Trying to combine several desktop items, GGMM’s M-Show is a handy little BT speaker, which can also act as a desktop lamp, and an elevated tablet stand. Let’s see (and hear) how it performs!

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Review: Tego Audio CERA Bluetooth Speaker (with movie and music playback test)!

I love playing with wireless speakers.

This attractive offering from Tego Audio also features a couple neat tricks not often found on our other Bluetooth audio gadgets. Let’s take a look (and a listen) to the CERA.

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Review: Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 – Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

turtle shell 2.0 review SomeGadgetGuy

I’m really liking this new crop of outdoor and ruggedized gear.

I enjoyed Outdoor Tech’s ADAPT bluetooth headphone adapter, and they were kind enough to send out a Turtle Shell 2.0 to run through our audio test.

I know I act like a little kid, but whenever something is water resistant in the slightest, it’s ten times more fun to review…

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Sprint and Dish partner for Fixed Wireless Broadband Service Trials

Dish_Network_Satellite_No_22Broadband improvements are somewhat stagnant here in the states. Many areas are under-served with few choices and high prices. While some areas are looking at Google and other companies to roll out Fiber to the home, many communities are hoping to see improvements over basic DSL. If it’s not economically feasible to roll out fiber or new wired service, the next best option is to provide service over the air.

Sprint and Dish are teaming up to test a 4G LTE to home service which could be a compelling solution for those needing more speed, but are ignored by traditional ISPs. Served over Sprint’s 2.5GHz spectrum, you would expect speeds comparable to Sprint’s current LTE offerings. Like Dish’s TV service, this should be a bit more stable than the LTE served to our phones, as your home is not a moving target. You shouldn’t even have to worry about poor building penetration of the higher frequency connection as an external receiver on your house will feed the connection indoors.

These trials will roll out in Corpus Christi, Texas next year. If you already have access to fast broadband options, this probably wont be your jam, but for those of you waiting out better options and services, this might be a good solution in the future.

Full PR after the jump.

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Review: Nokia Purity Pro Bluetooth Headphones with NFC Pairing! (BH-940)

nokia bh905 bh940 purity pro wireless bluetooth headphones nfc pairing review somegadgetguyI LOVE audio gear. Speaker reviews. Headphone reviews. They’re all good!

I haven’t tackled a pair of cans for a while, and thankfully I’ve got a MONSTER pair of Nokia cans to check out (see what I did there). One of my first gadget reviews was the wonderful Nokia Bluetooth BH-905’s, and now with the BH-940’s Nokia has added NFC pairing to their wireless headphone formula.

Retailing for around $250, let’s see if this is peanut butter jelly time!

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Review: RAVPower Wireless Card and Flash Drive Reader – Use WiFi to share files between phones and tablets!

ravpower wireless card reader movie streamingI’m stoked to see more gadgets like this.

Getting files on and off our tablets and phones can be painful. As much as these devices claim autonomy, often we still need to resort to plugging them into proper computers. Wireless drives afford us more flexibility in handling our mobile data, allowing us to build portable clouds, and providing us easier solutions for sharing media with other people.

Let’s take a look at RAVPower’s entry into this gadget class with the RP-WD01.

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Win an XBox 360 courtesy of Boored at Work and SomeGadgetGuy!

xbox 360 giveaway contest booredatwork somegadgetguyWe’re sending off the last generation of consoles with a Youtube giveaway!

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plantronics backbeat go contest giveaway booredatwork somegadgetguyTo sweeten the deal, we’re giving away a pair of Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 Bluetooth headphones to a runner up courtesy of AT&T in Southern California! They’ve been stocking some killer accessories lately, and are sharing some goodies to give to you! We’re all feeling generous. We’re cool like that.

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