Friday Fun: What if ‘Man of Steel’ Was in Color?

This video does an excellent job of nailing one of the technical criticisms I had with Man of Steel, and something which I feel will continue to be an issue with Batman v Superman. It would seem that DC learned the wrong lesson from Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. That because the Dark Knight franchise was successful, and they were dark and gritty with muted color, then ALL superhero films should be dark and gritty with muted color.

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LG G Flex 2 Coming to AT&T April 24th

lg_g_flex_2_946x432We’ve already started our long term review of LG’s newest curved screen phone, and you can catch a speaker test, a full camera review, and a pair of comparisons for the G Flex 2.

Good news for bendy phone fans on AT&T, as this LG smartphone will be landing on Big Blue for $299 on a two year contract, or purchased outright for $708.99. Expect to see the G Flex 2 online and at select AT&T stores starting April 24th.

Are you looking forward to a curved screen phone? Drop us a comment, watch our comparison between the G Flex 2 and its predecessor, or read AT&T’s full press release below!

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Snapchat Lawyers Contact Rudy Huyn to Remove 6Discover from Windows Phone App Store

6discover snapchat icon windows phoneWe only just posted our review of 6Discover this afternoon, and it would seem Snapchat’s lawyers were already drafting a letter to Developer Rudy Huyn asking him to remove the app from the Windows Phone app store.

The 6Discover devloper tweeted to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel early today.

Snapchat recently started aggressively policing 3rd party apps over privacy concerns, that some apps could intercept images which were meant to be disposable. This has been supremely frustrating for Windows Phone users however as Snapchat still has not developed a native client for Microsoft’s OS.

6Discover was meant to interact with one specific aspect of the Snapchat service, media and news distribution, and while Rudy Huyn is correct that his app likely does not interact with any sensitive or private user information, but he might be underestimating the nature of the licensing agreements that Snaphat had other companies sign in order to participate.

I wouldn’t expect 6Discover to remain available for long.

Thanks for the tip YB!

IKEA Unveils New Line of Furniture With Built In Wireless Charging for Phones

More phones are arriving with wireless charging built in. Nokia pioneered the tech in the Lumia line, Samsung has made specialty back plates and built it into the GS6, and several Nexus phones have incorporated the technology.

Even with growing support from phone manufacturers, it’s still largely regarded as a “geeky” tech, and utilizing it means buying a special charging pad. IKEA is looking to make the adoption of wireless charging easier with a surprisingly comprehensive live up of products.

IKEA Wireless charging Qi lamp

IKEA Wireless charging Qi drill kitLamps, desks, end and bedside tables, stand alone pads, they’re even providing a kit to help consumers drill holes in existing furniture to build in their own charging pads. This is not a company dipping a toe into the tech market, they’re betting big on being first to market.

Each product will feature a small circle with a + sign on it. Plop your phone down on that and it’ll start charging. No more fuzing with charge cables.

Based on the Qi standard, this line of products should be compatible with most of the phones that have wireless charging built in, and for iPhones and Galaxy S phones that lack wireless charging, IKEA will have cases available that will add the charging coils.

IKEA Wireless charging Qi desk

You can see the whole line up via the IKEA press release, and the collection should be available later this Spring.

Google’s “Works With Cardboard” Program to Improve Android VR Compatibility

google works with cardboard vr headset virtual reality powisIt sounded like a joke at first. Google built a template that allowed users to cut out a cardboard headset which turned their phone into a Virtual Reality display.

What started off as a proof of concept for VR applications on mobile devices, has exploded as it’s one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to try out VR content. App developers are paying attention as there’s a growing list of services being developed for VR with Google Cardboard in mind. While you can create your own headset using Google’s template, there are also a number of companies building pre-assembled headsets out of cardboard or plastic. Even the Viewmaster will be returning this Fall as a Cardboard inspired VR experience.

With a growing community, it would only make sense that Google would continue investing in this project, and they’ve now announced a “Works With Cardboard” program for better hardware and software compatibility moving forward.

google works with cardboard vr headset virtual reality

Developers will receive better tools for migrating existing apps and services into a VR environment, Manufacturers will get a new tool which helps customers automatically configure the app for different hardware builds, and consumers will have access to a better organized app store experience.

It’s a very positive development to see Google taking this sector seriously, as VR is primed to be a hot industry as Oculus, Razer, Samsung, and HTC are all moving to get solutions into consumer’s hands. Google is betting on your first taste of VR coming from the (Android) phone you already own.

Works with Google Cardboard: creativity plus compatibility

LG Teases Brighter, More Colorful Screen for Their G4 Smartphone

lg g4 teaser video quantum display smartphone news somegadgetguyOn a video released yesterday, LG claims “You deserve this”.

What you deserve is apparently a brighter and more colorful phone display, which would be a welcome addition to one of their flagship phones. It’s been one of my more consistent criticisms of LG devices, that while their screens are high resolution, they’re a bit dimmer than their Samsung, HTC, and Lumia counterparts which affects outdoor view-ability.

Is this a killer app for you? Are you looking forward to the G4 reveal on the 28th? Drop us a comment and watch LG’s teaser video below!

4K Smartphone Camera Review: Real World Video Samples from the Samsung Galaxy S6 on AT&T (UHD)

Samsung has been on a roll with their camera tech. Does the Galaxy S6 continue their record of delivering excellent optics? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s run this flagship smartphone though our slate of real world video tests!

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Google Properly Kills Softcard in New Update. Google Wallet Reigns Supreme.

softcard google wallet app dead somegadgetguysoftcard isis google wallet android app dead somegadgetguy nfc mobile paymentsI’ve already written a cranky editorial about how frustrating it’s been to watch Google and the Carriers repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot over mobile NFC payments. Thankfully, with Google buying out Softcard, we can maybe see some more progress in the retail arena.

My Note 4 just got an app update this morning for the pre-installed Softcard service, which now labels “Google Inc” as the developer. Upon opening the app, what did I find? You are no longer able to create a new Softcard account, and are now directed to use Google Wallet.

It’s dead Jim, and I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go.

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