Microsoft FINALLY brings Tablet Optimized Office Apps to Android!

After we saw a demo of an iPad running Office apps, Android fans wondered, rather vocally, when we would also get to take part in the business grade festivities.

Oh sure we had an Office Phone app for basic viewing, editing, and formatting, but it lacked proper tablet support.

Microsoft office word document for android tablet app somegadgetguyAll that changed yesterday when Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and Powerpoint tablet apps were finally approved on Google Play. Each service is an individual app, and downloading the apps is totally free. When not linked with an Office 365 subscription, the apps function as viewers, and wont allow you to edit docs or spreadsheet. Though with unlimited cloud storage coming to OneDrive with an Office 365 subscription, it’s not a bad value when compared to other cloud storage solution.

Linking to Office 365 opens up a full world of document and presentation creation and editing, very similar to what we saw on the iPad version. The full toolsets of Office are included, with advanced formating and formula support, and are well optimized for touch screen use. Tied directly into Office Online, OneDrive, and can be linked to DropBox, it’s a fairly robust ecosystem for sharing and collaborating.

Microsoft office excel for android tablet app somegadgetguy

As they’re beefy services, the download sizes are pretty large. Expect all three apps together to clock in at around 370MB. There’s also an issue with compatibility. Most of the tablets I ave lying around are not yet approved to install the apps. No Asus Transformer, no NVIDIA Shield, even the newer Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 was a no go, so my first impressions were performed on a Nexus 7.

Still it’s a great collection for Android, and now Windows Tablet and Phone fans can start the waiting game as we should see touch optimized Office apps arrive with Windows 10.

Microsoft Word on Google Play
Microsoft Excel on Google Play
Microsoft Powerpoint on Google Play

FCC Public Advisory: Blocking Personal WiFi Hotspots is Prohibited

marriott hotel logoAn interesting story has been developing in the use of WiFi hotpots in hotels.

The FCC fined Marriott hotels for blocking their customers from using their own WiFi, powered by phones and MiFi’s using 3G/4G data connections. The fine amounted to $600,000, and Marriott petitioned the commission, asserting that blocking customers was a way for them to better protect the security of the networking solutions they were offering.

The FCC responded with a public advisory yesterday reaffirming their previous stance:

Personal Wi-Fi networks, or “hot spots,” are an important way that consumers connect to the Internet. Willful or malicious interference with Wi-Fi hot spots is illegal. Wi-Fi blocking violates Section 333 of the Communications Act, as amended.1 The Enforcement Bureau has seen a disturbing trend in which hotels and other commercial establishments block wireless consumers from using their own personal Wi-Fi hot spots on the commercial establishment’s premises. As a result, the Bureau is protecting consumers by aggressively investigating and acting against such unlawful intentional interference.

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Home Improvement Review: OxyLED Motion Sensor Light

Purchasing outdoor lighting for your home can get expensive real quick. What we need is an affordable solution. So today we are taking a look at OxyLED’s Solar Motion Light from His Gadget Inc.

Good things come in small packages is exactly what OxyLed’s Motion Sensor Light is. What you will find in the box is the OxyLED light, mounting hardware, warranty card and user manual. Upon opening the box you will notice the construction of the light is made from aluminum and weighs a mere 8.0oz. The light itself measures a compact 5.35” X 3.54” X 1.74” so mounting the light and saving space should be no problem.


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IBM to Set Record for Corporate Layoffs Next Month, Over 100 Thousand

ibm logoAnd if they break that record, as they’re expected to, IBM will be taking the layoffs crown from…


In an age where companies are rushing away from the kinds of server and data solutions IBM has traditionally offered to focus on “cloud” things, International Business Machines is looking to cut a quarter of its 400,000 employee workforce. They’re scrambling to catch up with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google in a hyper competitive services market, and one has to wonder how they’ll do that paying for an incredible number of severance packages, and with customer confidence likely taking a hit.

While the company sells mainframes, something you would think would be necessary for a cloud economy, that hardware only makes up about 10% of IBM’s business. Continue reading IBM to Set Record for Corporate Layoffs Next Month, Over 100 Thousand

AT&T World Connect Delivers Unlimited Calling to Mexico

ATT logoFollowing their acquisition of Mexican carrier Iusacell, AT&T is updating their World Connect international calling package.

World Connect still costs an additional $5 per month per line, and calls to Canada are still 1¢ per minute, but now all of your calls to Mexico will no longer have additional minute charges.

This update includes calls to landlines or cell phones, so if you’re making a lot of calls down south (Mexico is the most called country from the United States), this could be a handy way to save a little cash on your international communications.

Full PR below.

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Review: Dog & Bone Wetsuit case for iPhone 6 – Slim, Rugged, and Waterproof!

The iPhone 6 is a gorgeous phone, but it’s not known for being the most rugged gadget on the market. Australian manufacturer Dog & Bone have adapted their wetsuit case for Apple’s latest and greatest. Let’s take a look!

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Review: Signal Edge+ 4000mAh Battery and Smartphone/Tablet Stand

I love it when one gadget can fulfill two duties. Signal won a CES 2015 award for their new portable battery and device stand, so let’s take a look at how it works!

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Review: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro – 13.3 inches of Android with a Projector!

This thing is HUGE! Wrapping up a couple weeks with the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, I was really curious to see how such a large slate would affect productivity. On paper, it’s a terrific collection of specs and features, with a truly novel option in including a projector, so let’s see how it performed real world!

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