House GOP Attack FCC and Local Tax Payer Funded Internet Access

GOP rep marsha blackburnIf a community of people vote to approve tax payer funded internet access, should they be allowed to build their own network?

House Conservatives say “no”, that people at the state and local level should not be allowed the right to decide for themselves how to improve their internet access. Why? Because free market, competition, taxes, reasons.

In a frustrating example of political double-speak, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) introduced an amendment to the 2015 Financial Services Appropriations Bill which would “prevent the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from trampling on the rights of states when it comes to municipal broadband“. How does it protect states rights? By making it illegal for states and municipalities to petition the FCC for permission to build tax payer funded data networks. This amendment was of course approved by a vote of 223-200.

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The NewYorker Makes Entire Archive Free Online for the Summer!

remnick-new-website-talk-story-690x410-1405955448Many magazines have been struggling with emerging technologies. On the software side you face blogs and social media, and on the hardware side phones and tablets are more “fun” than printed paper.

For their 90th anniversary, The NewYorker is trying something a bit radical for their publication. Following refreshes to their website and app, instead of hiding all their content behind a paywall, or splitting some content out for free, they’ll be making their entire archive available online for the whole summer. From any browser or through the app, even non-subscribers will be able to get their fill.

The paywall will return come fall, but for those of you scouting some fun summer reading, The NewYorker has you covered for the next couple months.

(via The NewYorker blog)

Students Aim to Build Record Breaking Solar Powered Car

14652765876_5a9a687e2f_oStudents at the University of New South Wales hold the Guinness World Record for fastest Solar Powered Electric Vehicle. They set the record in 2011 with a car that hit a top speed of 55mph. Now they have their sights set on another record to smash.

On July 23rd the Sunswift Student Team is looking to unleash the newest version of the eVe electric car, and they’re hoping to break the record for fastest average speed over a 500km distance, which currently sits at 73km per hour (around 45mph). They’re being coy by how much, but they’re confident they can break that record by a “comfortable” margin. Continue reading

Windows Phone 8_1 homescreen lumia 1520

Nokia Begins Rollout for Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan Updates

We’ve been covering the Developer Preview of Windows Phone 8.1, and it looks like Nokia is ready to push the button on sending it out to the masses. The WP8.1 update will also include Nokia’s collection of software updates dubbed “Lumia Cyan”, and it’ll unlock a few new features in apps already available for the platform.

Here’s our full walk through of WP8.1 where you can see the new Action Center Notification tray, Cortana, WiFi Sense, and more.

We’ll also see improvements to the Lumia Camera app for autofocus and RAW capture, and refinements to audio recording in video on the Icon and 1520.

Best of all, if you currently have a Windows Phone 8 device, you will be receiving the update to 8.1. There’s no word yet on which phones will start getting it first, but the worldwide rollout begins today. For more info and to check availability, hit Nokia’s support page.

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App Review – Pako by Tree Man Games


Pako sounds like it could be a board game, but is it? Nope! Pako is a super fun and crazy addicting game that involves the cops and you. Yes you!

wp_ss_20140630_0007The action begins with you in a parking lot in a car and yet for some reason you are going to be chased down by the cops! I hope you have some drifting skills because you will need them and by the way, you have no brakes. No brakes at all! If you crash into a building, a tree, a car or any other object, the game starts again. The object of the game is to see how long you can survive without crashing or being caught by the cops. Continue reading

LG Display Unveils new Flexible and Transparent OLED Screens

Flexible (Rollable) OLED_02We’ve seen the beginning of flexible screen tech with phones like the G Flex and TV’s which can bend from flat to curved cinema displays.  Now LG is showing off the next phase of OLED tech.

LG Display showed off two new 18″ screen panels. One panel improves on the bending by being almost completely roll-able. The 1200×800 resolution screen can be twisted into a 3cm thick tube without affecting the panel’s performance.

Transparent OLEDThe other 18″ panel uses their new transparent pixel technology for a see-through screen. Perfect for all kinds of applications, I saw a similar display at CES being used as an interactive vending machine, but many consumer electronics like microwaves or refrigerators could benefit. Eventually we might even see this kind of tech show up in automobiles providing heads up display capabilities. It’s exciting to see where it could lead.

Full LG Display PR below.

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Mirror your Android Screen on Your TV Through Chromecast

One of the most requested features asked of Chromecast was the ability to broadcast our phone or tablet’s screen on our TV. Looks like that’ll be finally coming our way!

Announced on the Chrome Blog today, there will be a new menu setting in the Chromecast app allowing you to broadcast what’s on your screen. Through other apps we could send videos, photos, and music, but now we’ll be able to cast a game or even just a home screen if we want to show off on a larger TV screen.

The 1.7 update of the Chromecast app will be rolling out soon supporting popular handsets from LG, HTC, Samsung and more. Nexus devices will of course be able to jump in on the fun too.  Full PR below.

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nokia dc-19 portable battery charger review somegadgetguy

Review: Nokia’s DC-19 – 3200mAh Portable Battery Charger

Battery life is a classic struggle on our tiny pocketable computers. Sure we call them “phones”, but we live our lives out of them now, and the more we use them, the faster they die. The DC-19 is an upgrade over the older DC-16, featuring higher a capacity cell in a smaller form factor. Let’s take a look at Nokia’s newest portable battery charger.

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