AT&T offers up iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 for $0 Down

ns_ipad_tablet_oct_silver_gold_2If you’re looking to score one of Apple’s new iPads with LTE and WiFi connectivity, Big Blue will be offering up these new tablets for $0 for those customers using a Mobile Share Plan.

The tablet installment plan runs twenty months with the iPad Air 2 divided up into twenty payments of $31.50 and the Mini 3 costing $26.50 per month.

You can get the full scoop from AT&T’s press release below.

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Gear Review: IntoCircuit PC11200 Power Bank

WP_20141007_015Today we are taking a look at IntoCircuit’s 11200 mAh portable power bank! As you may or may not know, we here at Some Gadget Guy are not into unboxings, however I really do like the packaging and colors that this battery is packed in. With that being said, let’s jump right into the review!

WP_20141007_013                                 WP_20141011_004

Upon opening the box and pulling out the power bank, you will immediately notice that this power bank has a hefty feel (278G), and it has a very nice brushed aluminum case. The design is simple yet rugged looking and measures 4.3” X 2.8” X 0.9” . There is a nice bright LCD screen that will light up for 30 seconds so you can see the progress of your devices being charged. The display will also show you which port is being used. The IntoCircut PC11200 has one button to turn the power bank on and off. When you double press the button, you will activate the flashlight. Yes, the IntoCircuit PC11200 has a bright flashlight which would come in very handy for multiple situations. I really like the flashlight option on this power bank because you never know when you will need a flashlight in case something goes awry. (power outages, zombie apocalypse  or when you go camping.)


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It’s Official! Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 First to Launch with Android 5.0 Lollipop! !

Lollipop ForestAnnounced on today on the Google Android Blog, version 5.0 of their newest operating system will be called Lollipop. Featuring the new Material Design we’ve all been drooling over. With thousand of new API’s, it’s also built to be developer friendly, and to integrate with a number of new services and devices.

Of course the first devices to run Lollipop will be Nexus phones and tablets. We also finally have confirmation that the Nexus 6 is the 6″ Motorola we’ve seen leaks of, and will feature a QHD screen, front facing stereo speakers, a 13MP camera, and a turbo charging feature which provides six hours of run time after only 15 minutes of charging.

Nexus-FamilyOn the tablet front HTC is behind the new Nexus 9 with a brushed aluminum shell and an 8.9″ screen with an optional keyboard folio dock case.

Nexus 9 will be available for pre-order October 17, while Nexus 6 will follow later in the month in time for the holidays. Pricing, availability, and carrier info to come soon. You can see Google’s teaser vid below!

AT&T Announces Chicago and Atlanta Next Two Cities to Get Gigabit U-Verse

Progress people! Big Blue is rolling out more gigabit fiber, and the next two cities on their list will be Chicago and Atlanta.

Gigapower U-Verse is currently available in the Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas, and will also be launched soon in Atlanta, Charlotte, Cupertino, Greensboro, Houston, Jacksonville, Fla., Miami, Nashville, Overland Park, Kan., Raleigh-Durham, San Antonio, St. Louis and Winston-Salem markets.

1000Mbps broadband folks. ONE THOUSAND! Remember that every time you see a cable or DSL ad…

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Verizon to Retire Lumia Icon Eight Months After Release?

nokia lumia icon rear panel long term review somegadgetguyA frustrating development for Windows Phone fans on Big Red. It looks like VZW is pulling the plug on the Lumia Icon only eight months after the phone was launched.

Internationally known as the Lumia 930, Verizon was the exclusive carrier to offer it here in the United States. While the rest of the world has officially been updated with Windows Phone 8.1 and Nokia’s Cyan software, the Icon has languished under Verizon’s ultra-strict and very slow upgrade approval process. Galaxy Nexus owners likely understand the frustration of watching the rest of the software world pass you by.

Now with word from @VZWSupport on Twitter, that the Icon is retired, it seems even less likely that there will be an official 8.1 update for the Icon. I also doubt that we’ll see a 930 variant arrive on any of the other carrier with AT&T focusing on launching their HTC One W8 and the Lumia 830 mid-ranger. As it pertains to Windows Phone, T-Mobile largely seems content at the entry level with the Lumia 635.

Very frustrating indeed as the Lumia Icon/930 is a solid flagship phone, but all smartphones are only as good as their support, and this move removes one of the precious few options for a WP flagship here in the States…

(via WPCentral)


Tesla Brings Auto-Pilot and All Wheel Drive to the Model S Electric Sedan

Tesla has been known for pushing the envelope, producing electric cars with incredible range and fantastic performance. The Model S has been no exception, and thankfully arrived with luxury car style instead of the Jetsons funkiness normally reserved for other EV’s and Hybrids.

Announced this morning, CEO Elon Musk revealed the newest updates coming to the Model S. The new ‘D’ model will feature dual electric motors for all wheel drive. In the most powerful version of the car, it now rivals the performance of the McLaren S1, and the new “Insane” performance mode will launch a 3.2 second zero to 60 time.

tesla dual motors model sAs the motors aren’t connected by drive shafts, they should be able to feed power to wheels faster than mechanical all wheel drive systems can, keeping weight low and improving handling.

Of course this was the expected announcement, and the innernets have been awash with rumors, now confirmed, of an AWD system arriving. Tesla also announced Auto-Pilot. Tesla has been able to ramp up development ahead of their original release estimates.

Tesla Auto Pilot SensorsUsing forward scanning radar (which is able to scan through most weather conditions), a forward scanning camera, 360 degree sonar, all combined with GPS and real-time traffic scanning. The Model S can self park, provide lane guidance, use advanced automatic cruise control, and emergency breaking.  On private property, the car can even be summoned to roll from garage to your location, and this can be combined with your calendar so your Model S can be waiting for you with your music playing and the AC on when it’s time to leave.

As a surprise bonus, all Teslas produced over the last two weeks already have the systems installed, and will be activated via software.

A major step forward for both EV’s and for the future of self-driving automobiles. You can watch Elon Musk’s announcement of the new Model S below!

Thoughts on the HTC Desire Eye and the Rise of the Selfie Phone…

HTC-Desire-EYE-Press-Images-2Yesterday HTC took the wraps off of the Desire Eye, a phone similar to the flagship One M8, but made out of plastic, and featuring a 13MP front facing camera with dual LED flash. We’ve seen other companies touting the true “Selfie Phone” from the Lumia 735 to Apple’s new Facetime camera on the iPhone 6. Now HTC is pushing more megapixels into the conversation with the Eye.

It’s not such a crazy idea. The way we create content, and the fact that we don’t often walk around photographers capturing our happy moments. If you own a “nice” camera, chances are pretty good you rarely show up in photos of fun events as you’re usually the one operating the camera.

HTC is banking on the popularity of the selfie, the growing market for video chat applications, and are experimenting with their phone design. It’s not a radical experiment though. Putting more megapixels on a camera doesn’t mean you get better stills or video. It’s an easy headline: “UNBELIEVABLE THIRTEEN MEGAPICKLE FFC WOWZ!” Continue reading

AT&T Confirms HTC Desire EYE Will Arrive in Time For Holidays

HTC-Desire-EYE-Press-Images-2If you were looking to shop a selfie phone for yourself or a loved one, but were concerned the HTC Desire EYE might not make in time for your holiday Selftivities, fret not.

The Desire EYE, and its 13MP front facing camera with dual LED flash, will be an exclusive on Big Blue, and while AT&T does not have a firm release date or pricing info yet, they are confirming that it will be available and shipping before the holidays end. You can catch AT&T’s full PR below for more info! Continue reading

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