Comparing the Fiio K1 USB DAC to a smartphone

We recently produced our first Real Audio Review, and we got MANY questions and comments regarding our testing procedure. Let’s answer some of those questions, and look at a USB headphone DAC we’ll be using for future comparisons!

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LG Phoenix 2 Quick Review: Can You Get Your Work Done on a $70 Phone?

Let’s say you’re in a pinch and need a phone, but you don’t have a ton of cash. Can you get your work done on a sub-$100 smartphone? We’ll test this hypothesis in this quick review of the LG Phoenix 2! Cheap phones!

#SGGQA 28: Red Dead Redemption 2 And Why Is It Bad If Some Games Are Made For Men?

Gender politics in gaming is usually a topic I would avoid, but some of the online reactions I’ve witnessed to Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 are leaving me genuinely curious about the state of gaming and activism. This is a potentially toxic topic, but I’m still honestly asking: Why might it be a bad thing if some games are made and marketed specifically for men?

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Galaxy S7 – Six Months Later (Pocketnow After the Buzz)

Hard to believe that over six months have passed since the launch of the Galaxy S7. Samsung has been in the news a lot lately for not very good reasons, so for folks affected by the Note 7 recalls, how has the smaller Galaxy aged? Let’s take a second look at the S7, and see if its still a competitive device near the end of 2016.

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Should you upgrade from the LG V10 to the LG V20?

We’re still using a pre-release LG V20, but that doesn’t mean we can’t shoot a showdown! For LG V10 owners, does the LG V20 deliver enough improvements to warrant a one year upgrade? Let’s take a look (and a listen) to LG’s newest multimedia monster!

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Is the Lenovo Yoga Book the laptop of the future?

The Lenovo Yoga Book gives off an incredible first impression. The bottom of this multi-mode hybrid is one giant touch sensor, used for typing and Lenovo includes a stylus. After using it for a week, is Lenovo ahead of the curve, or does this tech fall flat? Here’s our full review of the Android powered Yoga Book!

Star Trek 50: Is this really all we’re going to get?

As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I have to wonder: Is this really all the fanfare we’re going to get for the 50th anniversary of one of the most ground breaking television shows ever made?

Frustrations arise as I ramble my way through my fandom for Trek while talking about cosmetics and beer sampling. Enjoy!

Moto Z Camera VS Hasselblad True Zoom MotoMod Comparison (Video)

If you’re going to spend an extra $300 for a modular camera which snaps onto the back of your (already expensive) smartphone, shouldn’t that modular camera outperform the camera built into your phone? If you slap a name like Hasselblad on a photography product, we’re going to have exceedingly high expectations. Let’s see how the Hasselblad True Zoom compares against the built in camera found on the Moto Z Force!

Hasselblad True Zoom MotoMod Review (via Pocketnow)

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