PSA: Moto G available in the USA ahead of schedule for $179 unlocked!

moto g purchase siteWelcome to the party Moto G! You’re early and I like that!

We honestly weren’t expecting Moto’s entry level handset here in the states until next year. It was clear they had designs of offering up a world phone to raise the game for consumers in developing areas.

The specs for the price are kind of ridiculous. For $179 you’ll get a Qualcomm 400 quad-core, a 4.5″ 720p screen, and 8GB of storage. Market-busting specs, and it’s clear Moto is trying to shake up the low end.

There are two versions available from the site one optimized for the USA and one for “World” networks. Here in the states that means you’ll be able to jump on either AT&T or T-Mobile HSPA+, as the G doesn’t include LTE.

If you’ve been shopping a low-cost Android smartphone option, this would be at the top of my list. Phones should be shipping out early next month.

Moto G Product Page