Smartphone Camera Software Blur SUCKS! – iPhone 7 Plus vs Mate 9 vs Galaxy S7 vs Pixel XL

Let’s be real. Smartphone cameras aren’t as good as REAL cameras yo. Truth. Here are the deets on four SUCKY phones, which shoot SUCKY photos, using SUCKY software blur! Bokehtastic? NOT!!!

Dual Smartphone Cameras Explained: The best photo fit for you?

We saw several dual camera experiments from manufacturers in 2016. Which phone manufacturer delivered the best solution for you? Let’s take a look at what Huawei, LG, and Apple have to offer!

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Google Pixel XL Real Camera Review: The best smartphone camera ever made?

Google made a really big claim with the Pixel camera. Not only did they say it was the best camera they had ever made, they claimed it was the best smartphone camera ANYONE had ever made. Were these claims legit? Time to dig deep into the photo and video performance of Google Pricey Premium flagship in our Pixel XL Real Camera Review!

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Moto Z Camera VS Hasselblad True Zoom MotoMod Comparison (Video)

If you’re going to spend an extra $300 for a modular camera which snaps onto the back of your (already expensive) smartphone, shouldn’t that modular camera outperform the camera built into your phone? If you slap a name like Hasselblad on a photography product, we’re going to have exceedingly high expectations. Let’s see how the Hasselblad True Zoom compares against the built in camera found on the Moto Z Force!

Hasselblad True Zoom MotoMod Review (via Pocketnow)

Successful Kickstarter Project Lume Cube Now Available to Improve Your Photo & Video Lighting

lumecube wet 2Mobile photogs and cinematographers know the pain of setting up shots and trying to pull off great images when they lighting doesn’t cooperate. The flashes on our phones are often insufficient for “nice” lighting, and the fact that they’re so close to the camera sensor can create issues with reflections.

The folks at Lume Cube are looking to change up how we illuminate our images. Lume Cube is a small cube with a bright light built in, and it has a rechargeable battery for on the go use. It’s controlled remotely from your phone, and the Lume app can control multiple cubes for additional lighting. Instead of a traditional burst flash sync, it’s a steady LED light for both photos and videos.

lumecube goproThe company had a successful run on Kickstarter, and now the Cube is available for purchase through or through WalMart and B&H. Alongside the Cube, they’ve also released mounting kits for connecting the cube to a DSLR hotshoe or adding a GoPro style mount to multiple Cube lights. Nice to see it’s already well accessorized.

I’ve been in situations trying to shoot on my phone where I’ve needed additional light, and have resorted to using another phone’s flash as an angled spot light. Lume Cube looks like it could be a potential solution to that issue, and is another accessory which should help legitimize mobile phone photo and video as we produce more professional content from consumer devices.

You can catch more info at

Snapseed App Now Edits RAW Photos on Android!

Phones have recently started saving RAW photos, but we didn’t have many options for editing those photos out in the field. We would have to transfer those images to a proper computer for any manipulation.

In an update today, Google has added RAW support to their popular photo editing app Snapseed!

Screenshot_2015-10-29-08-38-44RAW photos are just what they sound like, the RAW data captured from the camera sensor. These are very large files, chock full of info, but often don’t look that great, and the larger file sizes make them more difficult to share. Snapseed now let’s you tweak a shot from the RAW info, then compress that into a smaller JPG file to share.

The editing tools also got a small update for more precise developing, including kelvin values for exposure and white balance.

The Snapseed update is now live in Google Play!

LG V10 Mega 4K Camera Review! Does It Live Up to The Hype?

The G4 had one of my all time favorite smartphone cameras. With the V10, LG is looking to improve their video by introducing manual settings similar to their still photography controls. Does the V10 improve upon its predecessor? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look at the most comprehensive camera review available for LG’s fashionable flagship phone!

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iPhone 6S MEGA Camera Review in 4k! The Full Scoop on Apple’s Higher Resolution iSight Camera!

Do you want to see what the iPhone 6S camera is REALLY capable of? Well here’s the most comprehensive review available online of Apple’s higher resolution iSight sensor! Let’s look at photo and video performance in all its UHD video glory!

iPhone 6S vs LG G4:
iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S6:

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