Huawei P10 vs Mate 9: Beauty and the Beast…

While preparing our full review, we wanted to take a quick minute to compare Huawei’s newest offering against their current phablet. There’s a lot of overlapping tech specs, but these two still seem to carve out different consumer niches. Let’s take a look at the Huawei P10 vs Mate 9!

Mate 9 Real Camera Review…

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Smartphone Camera Software Blur SUCKS! – iPhone 7 Plus vs Mate 9 vs Galaxy S7 vs Pixel XL

Let’s be real. Smartphone cameras aren’t as good as REAL cameras yo. Truth. Here are the deets on four SUCKY phones, which shoot SUCKY photos, using SUCKY software blur! Bokehtastic? NOT!!!

Sony Removes Fingerprint Scanner From USA Bound Z5 Smartphones

Why Sony? Why do this?

Our on-going saga of scattered support and terrible relationships between Sony, USA carriers, and customers continues. Their new line of Z5 smartphones was announced back in September of 2015. We’re only a couple weeks away from Mobile World Congress, where it’s likely we’ll start hearing about new Samsungs and LGs, but we’re only just now getting word from Sony about them selling their phones unlocked here in the United States.

The Z5 and the Z5 Compact will be shipping unlocked to retailers like Amazon and B&H starting February 7th. The flagship Z5 will sell for $599 and the smaller Z5 Compact will sell for $499. There’s no word about selling the Z5 Premium, which is the first phone to feature a 4K display.

04. Z5_white_groupThe phones are sleek devices, and feature very good cameras. Lifestyle features like waterproofing are certainly appreciated, but they’re saddled with 2015 tech like Qualcomm’s 810 processor, which has a nasty reputation for running hot and draining battery life. We’re only weeks away from phone announcements featuring a new 820 processor which is performing well enough to get Samsung back on board Qualcomm’s CPU for their next batch of phones. Samsung opted to use their own Exynos processors last year due to performance concerns.

To add insult to injury, we now have confirmation from Sony that because of a “business decision”, USA bound Z5s will not have fingerprint scanners built into the power button like international versions of the phone currently include. This is a terrible feature to remove, as more consumers are starting to embrace biometric security solutions not only for locking their phones, but also for utilizing banking and payment services.

This really isn’t a great strategy for building a fan base here in the USA. Months late to market, denying us the high end 4K version, and withholding features that consumers are starting to embrace. But if you do still decide a Sony is the right fit for you, at least Sony has the decency to charge you full “new phone” price for the privilege.

Samsung in 2015: Chatting Galaxy Phones with Trisha Hershberger

The lovely and talented Trisha Hershberger joined me in the office to chat about the state of Samsung this year. We became friends by bonding over our affection for Galaxy phones, but this year has been challenging for some of us older Sammy fans. Settle in for a fun chat between two buddies, because we’re going to talk about some tech!

Trisha Hershberger around the web:

I wrote a book! If you want to take your smartphone photography and video skills up a notch, you’ll want to read my book! ‘Take Better Photos: Smartphone Photography for Noobs!’ is now available –
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#SGGQA 16: Best Phone Camera, Giggleflips & Megapickles, Nightmares, and iPhone Review Reactions!

We’ve got a HUGE show for you this week folks! We’ve got questions on the best smartphone cameras, we’ll be reading your reactions to the iPhone 6S review, explaining what the heck a “Megapickle” is, and talking about nightmares! Make sure you’re charged and ready! IT’S PODCAST TIME!

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Review: iPhone 6S on AT&T – Is the “Best iPhone Ever” the Best Smartphone?

Apple holds to a tick-tock update schedule with the iPhone, updating the form factor, then better refining the guts of the phone. This year for the 6S we get the new “rose gold” color, a higher resolution camera, and 3D Touch! Is this enough to position “the best iPhone ever” as the best phone of the year? Let’s take a look!

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SomeGadgetGuy on the News to talk about iPhone Launch Day

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LG V10 Mega 4K Camera Review! Does It Live Up to The Hype?

The G4 had one of my all time favorite smartphone cameras. With the V10, LG is looking to improve their video by introducing manual settings similar to their still photography controls. Does the V10 improve upon its predecessor? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look at the most comprehensive camera review available for LG’s fashionable flagship phone!

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How I Destroyed the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – It Wasn’t Very Difficult…

Sad day Gadget Groupies. My Galaxy Note 5 is dead. Here’s how I broke one of the prettiest (and most expensive) phones of the year…

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